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Makita HR2811F weak reverse


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Hi, 1st post. I can usually figure out most problems, this has me stumped. I just bought a Makita HR2811F, rotary hammer from Home Depot, on discount. It was completely sealed, never opened. Everything works fine, except when I drilled a 3/8 hole and tried to reverse it out of 6" concrete, the reverse was very slow, with almost no torque. I can return, and get my money back, but will be paying full price for a new one, where it was discounted. I'm sure it was on close out for a reason, it just didn't look like it was ever opened, let alone used. I was thinking it could be the for/rev switch. If it had a brush problem,  wouldn't that affect the forward also ? Has anyone had this problem before, and what was the verdict ? Before I open it up, I figured I'd ask for help. Thanks

PS. If I do figure it out, I will edit my post, so others have the answer.

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I would say it sounds like the gears not the brushes because as you rightly say that would affect both forwards and backwards. 

Is it making any unusual sounds or smells? 

I would cut my losses from the discount you got and take it back because even if you do find the problem and fix it you will lose your warranty because you have taken it apart. If 6 months down the line something else fails you will lose out big time. It's just not worth the risk. 



Tool Inspector

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