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DeWalt Table Saw DW746 Help

James Peters

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I've had my DeWalt 746 Table Saw for 20+ YEARS. It's an amazing machine/tool. My maintenance of this tool is limited to vacuuming after each "meal." Well, it appears that the v-belt his giving out and DeWalt Service folks say: "sorry, we don't support that product anymore." (You're SOL, on your own).

I've found a replacement belt source, but I'm clueless on how to go about changing the belt. I have some physical limitations, so I'm happy to pay for the assistance (Sorry, no airline fees). I've searched the dang internet for "on-site" local assistance, within reason) but to no avail.

It may be a simple thing to do, however, I'm not sure where/how to start.

Most thankful for any suggestions.



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Welcome to the forum.


Here is the parts diagram for your saw,




It looks like gravity and the motor mass provide the belt tension.


If correct, then inverting the saw will have a loud clunk (from the motor swinging until it hits something) plus releasing the belt tension, making exchange "easy". Be careful, use two people, the saw is heavy, about 200 lbs.


Here is the Owner's Manual. It does not cover belt replacement.




Please inspect and report.

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what is your source for replacement belts? i can't find replacements online. places like Grainger sell all sizes under the sun but i don't know what size belt the saw needs so i can't order anything




Edit: i found it! Q: What is the type and size belt that is required for the saw? A: The DW746 uses a standard AX33 ribbed V-Belt. Common manufactures are Goodyear and JASON. Section A belts should not be used because they do not transmit the horsepower.

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