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new miter saw trips on shut off


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Dewalt sliding compound miter saw DWS779 - purchased new, runs like new, probably less than 5 hours on it. Does this saw have issues with tripping breakers when it stops, not when it turns on... Trips circuit on shut off, i.e., activating blade brake. running a 10A cord.


The circuit trips randomly about 1 in 8 times and it doesn't matter if the saw is running by itself on the circuit or if it is sharing the circuit with the vacuum, 2 tool batteries charging, phone charging and double 9000 LED work light.... It almost always works the first time in the morning - then trips the second time, then goes for awhile before tripping again, and again throughout the day


I had it working for awhile one day and got in the habit of turning off the vacuum before shutting down the saw and turning off the vacuum tripped the circuit once.  Other times it has worked fine with all the above stuff on the cord AND all the basement lights on, which run on the same circuit. This is a big 2.5 million home with a large basement of lights. As soon as I trip the circuit and reset the circuit all the so called 'smart lights' in the basement turn on - then I am stuck with them on.

it can run with fine with tons of stuff on the circuit, but occasionally not.

Does this saw have any historical issues in this regard - ?





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