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Disposal bins

Robert earl

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My wife and I have been residing in vancouver for the past 2 years. We have been thinking about renovating some of the rooms and the garage to make a few changes with the style and for much better space. One of my collegue recently had a full room renovation because they were expecting for the new member in the family and the way they changed the room was really attractive. My wife and I also wanted to make a few changes with the flooring as it was turning out to be a little out of fashion. We wanted to add a little reading area additionally with a loveseat. But it requires to demolish a part of the wall. The main concern with us is about how to dispose off the waste and other debris which arises out of such renovation as there is not that much of space outside to throw the dump. We decided to get disposal bins just for the sake of this renovation as it would be of great use. Has anyone used disposal bins for such use? Would it be useful? Could someone help and advice me on this?

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Welcome to the forum.


Demolition waste is a big part of any remodeling project.


When my daughter and I initiated a home remodel, we ended up w/ a massive amount of heavy mass rubble, including LOTS of tile, sheetrock and much other assorted debris.


In southern FL, all of the municipalities prohibit discarding construction debris. A barrel full of tile would have greatly exceeded the hydraulic lift ability for my home Brute 50 gallon barrel and would have raised bright red flags for the municipal trash authorities.


The local pay waste collection services charge by the pound, plus will reject collection if the mass exceeds limits. They will also charge for a rejected collection.


My solution was to meter out the debris to the local municipal collection over many weeks until my pile was gone.


The disposal of rubble should start w/ examination of the local pickup rules to determine what is permitted / prohibited. My wife uses local chat forums. That type of communication may provide insight of how others in your area addressed that issue.

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I did the same thing as wingless where I just put it in the garbage over a couple of weeks.  I am lucky because I have three of the 50 gallon barrels so it goes a little quicker.  When I have a lot to throw away, we have a dump about 20 minutes away that i go to.  They weigh you on the way in so they know how much to charge.  It's not bad and maybe there is something by you.  

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Thank you for the tips guys. But the municipal dump is not accessible as in terms of distance and the huge weighing debris and wastes makes it difficult to transport at such distance for disposal. Isn't renting a disposal bin much better comparatively or is there an alternative that I should be aware of?

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I understand your situation because I've encountered the same thing in my experience with home repairs and renovations. When there is a renovation going on in an entire two-story mansion, there is also a lot of trash, which is why I have to call several trash bins to keep my yard clean.  I am grateful to them for this chance to save money on trash removal.

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