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"Airbnb" for Equipment Rentals??


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I want to build the "Airbnb for tool rentals"...


One problem I come across all the time is that I don't have the tools/equipment I need for the projects I undertake (or the ones that are thrust upon me...I'm talking about you, fallen tree branch from last nights storm here in Arizona).


I also have "a ton" of tools/equipment taking up space in my garage that I bought for one-off projects or for just once a year projects (the dethatcher I bought to dethatch my lawn twice a year comes to mind). I'm not complaining about extra tools but it was probably a bit of a waste.

I am wondering if there would be interest in a type of "airbnb for tool/equipment rentals", where we could all list the tools we already own and rent them to people who live nearby earning some extra money on the equipment that sits unused for 95% of the time. I'd definitely let someone use my detacher for an easy $20/day.

We could also rent the equipment we need when we need it, close by (maybe on our own street), instead of buying everything we need all the time or renting from Home Depot, if they have it, if HD is close by, and if it's worth it based on price. 


What do you think??


I have been wrestling with this idea for some time and I have started to build a site to test it out. 

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Welcome to the forum.


Interesting idea.


A detriment to that plan is tools that would last longer than your lifetime will be abused by people renting and the life will be single digit or low two digit cycles.


Also, quick / easy / inexpensive repairs will be part of the business plan.


A broken dethatcher may cost more than $20 in parts to fix.


Another option is to sell tools on Offer Up, eBay or Craig's List that are no longer required. Many of my tools arrive and leave from me using these sites.

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Hey wingless, thanks for the feedback! 

I was thinking that allowing reviews of both the owners and borrowers so the community could "police" bad actors, as well as a "Damage Free Guarantee" of say $1,000 may put people's mind at ease. Much like Airbnb covers any damage done to your home if its due to neglect. 


I was also thinking to build in a "verification process" so people have to verify their identity before they could borrow or post? This can be done pretty easily these days with something like "passbase" which is similar to what Airbnb uses. 

Users would be responsible for any damage they caused if it was due to neglect or misuse. 

What do you think? 

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