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Took the plunge- DCK475L kit and DC390 saw


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After a lot of comparing, shopping and dumb questions (thanks again) I opted for the DCK475L combo kit and added the DC390B bare tool circular saw.  The kit is Li-Ion based and ships with the hammer drill (DCD970), impact driver (DC827), Reciprocating Saw (DC385), and floodlight (DW919).

Both just arrived this evening and haven't had the chance to tackle any major items, but initial impressions are pretty good- damn impressed actually! 

Ordered from an online retailer (toolbarn.com); descent prices, no tax, descent comms and free shipping.  Would use again- standard shipping showed up in less than a week (including over a weekend).  No affiliation and not an intended plug for them, but wanted to report there was no drama with them.

Out of the box, I was a little surprised at the weight of the individual tools.  Not a bad thing actually, but these are more substantial than the lower grade stuff I had been beating up previously (Ryobi 18V).  It may sound like a complaint about the weight, but one of the reasons I looked at better grade tools and opted for Dewalt was I wanted something more substantial and less "disposable".

Since I don't make a living with these tools though, I was advised the Li-Ion batteries would likely serve my needs better.  If I understand the technology, since they will sit more than most folks here's tools, the batteries should hold a charge better between uses compared to the standard XRP Ni-Cad batteries.

Looking forward to a good op-test but since I have to head out of town, they'll have to wait a bit!

Thanks again for the advise!



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Thanks for your post Allen! I personally own everyone of those tools and have been more than pleased with the quality, and power.

I look forward to reading your follow on how well these tool's work for you.

As far as weight is concerned, you will get used to the weight and balance after a few projects.

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