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Dewalt Dc987 not working


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So we bought this drill dc987 on ebay 2-3 years ago because our old drill crapped out i cant remember what happened it. But now this drill when you put a fully charged battery in it, it will run for about 10 seconds and then go very slow. I know the battery is charged because we also have a sawzall and a 90 degree drill and they will run fine untill the battery dose die. so do you think i should buy a new motor or is it even the motor. or just buy another drill of ebay? any help is much appreciated. also i just put a battery on it and the battery stated to smoke so i opended up the battery and the white wire was burnt right as it came out of all the cells :o and then i took out the switch and tested the volts and i am getting 1.2 volts

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Dewalt has a program that allows you to overhaul your entire tool for 1/2 the cost of buying  a new one. If it were me I would take it to my local Dewalt factory owned service center and have them do an overhaul.

Before I did that, I would check your brushes. Pop the four screws out of the back cap and see if your brushes are worn down. Or if the rear spring has come detached. Often times if the motor is in high gear, then slows down even though the trigger is fully pressed, it's usually something with the brushes.

Hope that helps.

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