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Dewalt DCD985 new problem


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Please check the video. I swear im not trying to cook this drill, and only give it easy jobs (hardest job it had was to drill like 10 x 40mm holes through floor joists), no hammer drilling, I use my corded sds for that. I just like having a powerful tool.

And now this happens. Everyone on site said theres no way my second brand new 985 starts going tits up, but then i showed them the video, since its really hard to reproduce that what i think is a new fault just starting to develop with the gearbox. It was definately the gearbox slipping while grinding badly.

Its less than a month old...


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Come on fellas, absolutely no one has an opinion as of what could have been the cause for that? I am genuinely curious why the drill was doing that. I really need to know for my own piece of mind.

It has been exchanged and I have the new one in the box unopened, but before I decide to sell it or keep it (currently using another drill) I need to know what the hell was that.

I must mention that i was literally babying that drill because i love it, but the more i take care of it, the easier they go bad.

ANY oppinions? You have the video, i cant explain any better than the video does what was going on.

Set on reverse, drill mode selected, trying to undo an 8mm screw, and then something gave up inside, the electric motor was obviously working at full speed, but the chuck was stationary. It wasnt between gears and/or clutch settings, every single setting was firmly selected.

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Need more info... But just to shot in the dark, it sounds like the ring gear is disengaging. This could happen for various reasons. But then again, also sounds like the clutch is slipping. I notices that it was on drill mode so the clutch should be locked. This drill could have been bad since assembly and passed the ok inspection. I use to work in assembly line when I was younger so I know how there is a certain percentage of bad stuff that goes out the door not to mention sloppy work. In conclusion, hard to say. 

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