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DW744 blade misaligned


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  • 2 weeks later...

Dw744 table saw. The bade has become misaligned with the front of the blade shifting left. Nothing appears to be loose. I cannot adjust the fence enough to compensate.

  I had the same problem on my saw. I had to loosen all the torque screws under the saw table and adjust the whole yellow plastic over, I then ran out of adjustment and had to slot some holes. I then had to loosen the saw blade carriage and tweak it over using the 10mm bolts under the table. I set my blade parallel to the miter gauge and have to adjust it every 30 hours or so. The first time took me around 4hrs to dial it all in. It shouldnt take that long but I kept trying to get it perfect only to find one tweak caused another.

It now cuts much better than my delta contractor saw which I havent used in years now. My dw744 originally was a display and possibly a return that I bought off an auction site.

The fence really is nice but not a true cabinet shop fence. I have my blade out .02-.03 and that keeps it running smooth with all my irregular edged rough lumber. As long as I dont drop it it stays there.

Dewalt could really wrap up the market if they used a good motor carrier under the saw. The pressed and punched steel with rivets just doesnt make for a longtime accurate saw.

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  • 7 years later...

I am having the same problem with my DW744 Type 1.  I’ve loosened the two 10mm bolts as instructed in manual but the carriage didn’t seem to move very freely.  I move the carriage a little, tightened the bolts and recheck it only to find it’s too much the other way.  Should I also loosen the bolts holding the carriage in the front too?  Or, is there a trick to doing it?  I don’t have a dial gauge so I’m using a digital caliper. 

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