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Dewalt DWS780 dust collection


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I'm seeking advice about dust collection on a DWS 780 mitre saw. In my attempts to control the dust when working, I've just purchased a powerful workshop vacuum, the Numatic NVD750 Workshop Vacuum Extractor, which has twin motor and lots of suction power. When connected to the dust chute and during saw use, the suction is 'sucking' the flexible rubber chute flaps inwards so much that the aperture for the dust is restricted, resulting in lots of dust being thrown to the side of the 'rubber chute' which is then covering the saw, stand and being spread around. Does anybody have any advice on how best to use a powerful dust extractor / vacuum, or any advice on possible modifications to stop the flexible rubber chute flaps from being 'sucked inwards'?

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like your problem is just to much suction. Most vacs have a draft control to regulate the suction which I would bet would work for your situation. I'm using a ridgid shop vac and there's plenty of suction but the rubber flaps are not pulled inwards. You could try modifing your setup to see if it would work or not. Basically all you would be doing is creating an opening that can be adjsted in size toward the end of the hose/saw end that allows you to reduce the suction by pulling air through both openings at the same time. Maybe someone else has a better idea but I'd give it a try in the mean time.

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I have the same problem. The dust chute flaps collapse. It's not the vacuums fault. It's just poor engineering by Dewalt. I love the miter saw but there should not be rubber flaps. I'm going to see about removing the flaps and fabricating some type of small shroud that I can replace it with, unless someone else has a better idea that doesn't involve buying a huge hood around my miter saw. Maybe someone knows about an after market modification that can replace the chute flaps? I should be able to attach a shop vac to my saw and not have this problem.

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