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Problem with De Walt 7770 Radial Arm Saw


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I have used this amazing machine since 1985 and it has operated faultlessly - until 3 weeks ago when the motor stopped working and the local (South African) agents diagnosed that it had burnt out and needed rewinding. I gave them the go ahead and since then the motor has been back to them 3 times and is still not working. The symptoms are the same. When I get the motor back and re-install it, it operates OK for about 15 mins and then trips out the earth leakage. On the second return the agents replaced the starter capacitor - same problem again. Each time they tell me they have tested the machine in their workshop and it works fine. However as I send them the motor only they can't attach a blade and test the machine under proper cutting load. I got an electrician to come and check the power supply in my workshop and he verified that it was all OK. However, he's a smart guy and checked the newly replaced starter capacitor which was oozing oil. He noticed that the capacitor is rated for 125 volts and our mains supply is 220 -250 volts. He maintains that this is the cause of the problem - the capacitor overheats after 15 minutes of operation and shorts out. Common sense says that the capacitor should be rated for 220 -250 volts.

Are there any De Walt RAS owners who have experienced  similar problems or who can suggest a solution to the problem - the agents appear to have run out of ideas.

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