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I'm looking at a couple of combo kits and I was hoping for some advice.  One kit has the DCD790 brushless drill/driver, and the other has the DCD795 brushless hammerdrill.  I do not foresee the need to drill in concrete,  but for just a $20 difference, I'd have no problem paying the difference.  The sizes and weights are very similar.  I believe you can turn off the hammerdrill mode on the DCD795.  The hammerdrill should perform just as well in regular drill mode as the 790, right? Any thoughts or recommendations?  Thanks so much.

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Very similar.  If you foresee needing to do light masonry drilling, go fort he 795, otherwise get the 790.  The hammer models will be slightly longer, and there is a "squish" in the Chuck movement that allows the hammer to function when turned on.  This "squish" can be slightly annoying to some, so if you don't need the feature, save the size, weight and money.

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I'm  a DIYer and work as a building maintenance. You know repair plumbing, AC, roof leaks and damage, anything that your house may need repair in the “maintenance†area...i do it.

So far my hammer drill has been used for installing gutters. They do sell concrete nails but with a hammer drill the difference is night and day.

For repairing sliding door bottom rails/tracks. Again, they use concrete nails but the difference is night and day...in fact you can get away buy just using any screw. All you do is drill a whole about 1/16 smaller that the screw, and it will hold a good grip.

Repairing carpet nail strips. In some areas like in bathroom or kitchen entries, I find that due to traffic or what not, they tend to lift. I find it way easy to just remove the old nail screws, use the hammer drill with a bit about 1/32 less than the concrete nail size. I could also use any screw that is at least 1/16 bigger.

I have also used it to run galvanize pipe to run wire from the breaker box to install a window AC unit.

Also to fix an electric drive through and a walk through gate that where coming loose from the ground and wall.

Also have used it to install window outside shutters....

Etc etc...

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Amazons Special Tool & Home Improvement and Automotive Center!

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