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dw745 table saw: Blade Parallel at 0 degrees but not at 45


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I just bought a new dw745 table saw. 


The problem: At 0 degrees the blade is pretty much perfectly parallel to the fence and miter slots. It is off by about 0.3mm or 0.015 inches from front to back of the blade.


However, as soon as I tilt the blade to 45 degrees, it is off by as much as 2.5mm or  0.1 inches. Which makes a terrible because not straight cut.


Is there any way to fix this? Why does the difference change between 0 and 45 degrees?


Any help would be really appreciated.





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You have an alignment issue. Think of the trunions  on your saw as being like door hinges, the pivot points need to be parallel to the blade, the miter slots and the fence. They also need to be parallel to the top of the saw. If you think of it being like a door being out of plumb. if it is out of plumb in one direction it will hang crooked in the doorway (assuming the doorway is plumb) . That would be more easily measured like the blade being out of parallel with the fence and miter slots. If the door is out of plumb in the other direction it will either rise up off the floor or swing down to the floor into the room it swings into. That is the effect you are seeing when you swing the saw to a 45 cut. Your trunions are not aligned parallel to the top of the saw.


My suggestion to you is, since it is a new saw take it either to the place you purchased it and trade it for a different saw or take it to a DeWALT service center and let them look at it and make the necessary adjustments /repairs. It shouldn't cost you anything but time.

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