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Need help with grass not growing


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The main reason is acid. Pine trees produce a lot of acid and that’s why most of the time you never see grass under these trees, as grass doesn't like that much acid. If you want to take a quick route I would spread some lime down, rake it in, wait for the lime to do the work and then plant the seed.

If you want to do it the right way, I would do the following. Some people might say to do an acid test of the ground, but you don’t have to. I never did and the grass looks great. If you want to do it the right way which will ensure good grass roots and a healthy grass, I would start by raking up the dirt under the pine trees, basically get the dirt loose. I would add about two inches of good quality top soil and mix it with the dirt all ready on the ground. Spread some lime into the dirt and rake it back into the dirt. If you want, you can spread a fine mist of water over the dirt to help start the lime work. Personally I would wait about a week and then put the grass seed in. Look on the back of the bag and the manufacture will let you know how often to apply the lime. You will have to continually add lime according to the manufacture, but your grass will be nice and green. If your grass starts to grow and it starts to brown, you might want to think about adding more lime.

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