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Black & Decker's advanced, powerful VPX system

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Actually I just bought one the other day, the price was right. I bought it for someone else, but had to take a look at it. This is there new version of the Versapack, but this is Lithium powered, 7.2 Volts. Nice for around the house. The flash lisght is cool because it uses three leds, so the light is white instead of a yellow. The drill is more for screwing as I couldn't see it drill anything to big. Besides the chuck is not a traditional chuck, it is a hexagon set up. I liked it because it comes in a box, so if you need to do something quick, your not trying to carry a bunch of tools, you just grab the box and go.

I guess the system could be great for a homeowner and the occasional use, but it won't do much on the jobsite. Which makes sense because they designed it for the home user and therfore, its a great tool set.

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