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Milwaukee V28 Sawzall Review 0719-20


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I really like the reviews you guys do. I end up learning a lot about the tools and working with tools. You did a review on the V28 Sawzall. I want to get a Sawzall because they seem like the best saw around. I just bought a house and am going to do some work. So I will use the saw a lot this year maybe about 15 times, but after that maybe only a couple times a year. Should I go with the V28 or stick with a corded Sawzall?

Also I see you buy most of your tools from tyler tools. Most of the reviews you guys have done, you bough them there, is that because they are the cheapest, good service or why? Just wondering if thats the place I should go to buy my tools to start my collection.

Thanks in Advance

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Good question - It really depends on what your trying to accomplish. If you are looking just for a Sawzall and nothing else, I would go with the corded version as the batteries will just be sitting around not getting much use. Take a look at this Sawzall. If you are looking to start your collection and will be getting more cordless tools, you can buy the V28 because you have the drill, both saws and the light, so you will be getting a lot of use. We have had a lot of people emailing us about the Makita 18V and I believe we will be testing that in the near future, so that could also be an option.

In regards to Tylertool.com, we do get most of our power tools from them for a couple of reasons. They always seem to be the lowest price around, they either have a special on free shipping or a flat rate of $8.95 and we really like their customer service. One of the biggest reason is we have talked with the owner a couple times and he is a great guy. He reads our reviews and likes that a 3rd party such as us does the reviews. He is truly interested in seeing the results and how each tool performs. Another reason, he reads all most all the emails, so he takes time to listen to the customers, something that seems to be lacking in today's world. So all and all even if their prices are a little higher for certain products, we know who I am buying from.

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