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Track Saw- Festool vs. Dewalt


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How a Track Saw Will Change the Way You Cut

When you need a seriously straight cut, one with advanced accuracy and precision, when you need a tool to deliver smooth, seamless cuts and effortlessly smooth edges - look no further than a track saw. This saw is specifically built for perfect cutting accuracy in a more simple, more efficient design. With innovative features and technology, a track saw not only fills the shoes of traditional panel and circular saws, but bursts them at the seams. Especially designed for the accurate, precise, and quick cuts you won't get from any other product, the track saw is a titan among power cutting tools.

A track saw is a circular saw that runs on a track. This saw track, or guide, technology provides a built in straight edge to deliver the smoothest, finest cuts. The tool offers a wide range of cutting innovations; its plunge cut feature allows craftsmen to cut directly into the center (or off center) of materials, and is especially helpful in applications like cutting windows out of complete pieces. Some track saws feature a depth control gauge that allows users to set depth level to the thickness of their materials to prevent damaging any material below. Some track saws feature a variable speed option for optimal accuracy and precision - and most saws work with a huge number of blade sizes. The track saw is ideal for serious woodworkers and sets a new standard in the world of cabinet building and basic contracting. Rumblings have been heard of a Makita track saw emerging in Canada, but as yet the best track saws still come straight from their birthplace - Germany's Festool. DEWALT has also, as of November, 2008, released their new track saw, nipping at the heals of Festool's guarded innovation.

Over forty years ago Festool invented the plunge saw and guide rail system, otherwise known as the track saw. Throughout those forty years Festool has perfected that technology in their TS 55 and TS 75 EQ plunge cut circular saws. These tools are equip with an unchallenged guide rail system that exemplifies Festool's philosophy of innovation. The TS 55 sets a new standard for portable circular saws. Festool has refined the tool into something lighter, simpler to handle, and with more accuracy than ever before. The tool features Festool's FastFix blade change technology for easier, faster, and safer blade changes. It is also designed with a retractable spring-loaded riving knife that keeps wood separated as it passes through the saw for superior kickback prevention. Festool's plunge cut circular saw incorporates a supreme dust collection system for a cleaner, safer work space, and also triple motor bearings for maximum durability. The tool is powerful and smooth, strong and accurate, and incorporates the safety and stand-alone design Festool is know for.

The TS 55 has a 55 mm cutting depth providing nearly two inches of cutting capacity when used with the guide rail (on the rail the TS 55 has a straight down cut depth of 1 15/16 in (50 mm), and 1 7/16 in (37 mm) at 45 degrees - without the guide rail the saw has a straight down cut depth of 2 1/8 in (55 mm)). The tool's plunge action feature allows for more precise cut outs on wood surfaces and flooring. The saw, even with its size (9.92 lbs) and brute strength, is supremely accurate, and smoother than any in its class. The circular saw has a .787 in arbor size and a 0 - 45 degree bevel capacity. Festool's TS 55 plunge cut circular saw includes a 55 in (1,400 mm) guide rail and a 48-tooth high-quality carbide blade (6 ¼ in diameter, with a saw blade speed of 2,000 - 5,200 RPM). The saw also includes a limit stop, plug-it power cord, a splinterguard, and Festool's SYS 4 systainer.

The TS 75 is an incredibly powerful plunge cut saw with Festool's famous pin-point accuracy. The saw can cut through material up to 2 ¾ in thick and leaves smooth edges that are both burn and splinter free - clean enough to glue without any further preparation. The powerful TS 75 can cut through solid doors like a devouring predator; its capable of truing the roughest lumber, and cutting out ornate window frames among many other applications. With this saw one can create exactly matching panels and save serious time by slicing stacked sheets of stock with only one cut. This saw is truly the crème de la crème of circular saws - experience one smooth, powerful cut with this tool and you're hooked.

The TS 75 has a 1.101 in arbor and a 0 - 45 degree bevel capacity. The saw weighs 13.6 lbs and includes a 75 in (1,900 mm) guide rail. The saw has a commanding 1,350 - 3,550 RPM blade speed and comes with 8 ¼ diameter blades in 48 and 36-tooth. On the guide rail the TS 75 has a straight down cut depth of 2 ¾ in (70 mm) and 2 1/8in (55 mm) cut depth at 45 degrees. Without the guide rail the saw has a 2 15/16 in (75 mm) straight down cut depth. The tool also includes Festool's limit stop, plug-it power cord, splipclutch, splinterguard, and SYS 5 systainer. The Festool TS 55 and TS 75 exemplify Festool's dedication to innovation and superiority. The tools are backed with Festool's unrivaled reputation of quality and design, and their three year (limited) warranty.

DEWALT power tools, a name well known in the tool industry has just developed and launched a new and unbelievable corded tack saw. DEWALT's new DWS520K track saw is designed with cutting-edge features and technology that establish it as a brute force - a new titan in the tool industry. The track saw is designed with zero clearance, anti-splinter edges for an always flush cut. The edges indicate the exact cut location producing a smoother, splinter free cut with advanced precision. The saw's dual edge track system provides perfectly straight cuts and moves easily, as if through butter, in both directions. DEWALT has incorporated a straight plunge mechanism; a non-pivoting, parallel link mechanism designed ergonomically for optimal operator comfort and control. The saw is also designed with a continuous anti-kickback system to prevent kickback and blade binding as the saw is engaged. This mechanism ensures an always safe, always smooth, accurate cut.

The new track saw runs with a 120v power supply (12A) and at 1,300 watts. This hi-power motor effortlessly cuts through hard wood up to 2-1/8 in thick. The saw runs at a no load speed of 1,750-4,000 RPM ensuring the power and capability serious woodworkers demand from their equipment. Additionally, the saw's flat blade guard technology provides a low profile blade guard enabling the operator increased accessibility in tight or confined spaces. DEWALT has also designed this saw with an amazing dust management system. Its 1-1/4" universal dust port provides a 90 percent dust extraction capability keeping job sites safer and freer of debris. Not to be outdone by any other track saw on the market, DEWALT has engineered this tool with a 47 degree bevel capacity. This extra 47 degree movement makes struggling through tight spots and corners, a thing of the past. The simple, fluid maneuverability of this saw makes it more versatile and more functional than any in its class. The saw holds a blade 165mm in diameter and comes with a 6-1/2", 48 tooth precision ground blade (20mm arbor), and a heavy duty kit box for security and convenience. This tool more efficient, adaptable, and versatile than any panel saw or circular saw in its class. DEWALT offers one year free service on the new DWS520K corded track saw and a three year limited warranty.


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