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Screw Gun Design Research


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I am a product design student at Arizona State University and I am currently working on a research project for redesigning the Screw Gun. To ensure credibility throughout this project, I was hoping that frequent users of this tool could answer the following list of questions. When answering the questions please be as honest and detailed as possible. I am looking for your great insights to the use of the Screw Gun, to help me improve my design.

Thank you in advance for your help!

1) What makes a Screw Gun different from a traditional Drill?

2) Do you have any tricks or techniques that simplifies the use of the Screw Gun?

3) Do you have any specific problems or complaints about Screw Guns or how they work?

4) Have you ever made any modifications or thought of modifications to the Screw Gun that would make your job easier?

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Well I can only speak from a drywall point of view as that is what I do. Screw guns are also used for roofing, decking, framing and more.

I use the Milwaukee screw gun. I think the model number is 6742. I love this drill. I use this because it is light about 4 lbs, so at the end of the day, my arm is not worn out. Also it has lots of power. I have used it to drive screws into metal studs and old timbers on historic houses. Either way I can mange the power and it is easy to set the screw depth.

To answer your questions.

1. A screw gun is different for a couple of different reasons. A screw gun is exactly that, it drives screws and that's all. A drill is used for a lot of different application such as drilling, screwing etc. The torque and speed is also different. A traditional drill is designed for multi purpose and therefore has different speed settings, plus clutch settings. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

2. I don't have any tricks I use. Once you set the depth, its pretty much brainless activity from their. The screw goes in the same depth each time.

3. I don't have any complaints with the Milwaukee. I have tried other guns, but always go back to the Milwaukee. Some problems I have with the other guns, is the weight or the balance. Also I like that Milwaukee has a 10 ft cord. When I plug the gun into an extension cord, with a smaller length cord, i am always trying to pull both cords. I know it sound weird, but after a while it is very annoying.

4. The only modification I could see is have something where it hold 20 screws and I can just screw away. I wouldn't think it would add to much weight. But if I could put a clip of 20 screws, i just feel it might be easier.

I see some guys starting to use impact drill more. Some of them are very good. A little more thought into the work, but seems pretty neat. I see the guys here on this site were testing the Milwaukee M12 or at least that is what they said in their last newsletter. I was hoping they would test the new 18V. I might be interested in learning more about the 18V impact drill. The test these guys do are good, so if they like the M12, i might just give the 18V a try.

If you have amore questions, let me know and i will try to answer them.

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I use screw guns for decking or I should say I use to use them, but with the economy, I don't get much use lol.

I see drywall man said one item to add would be an auto feed system for the screws. Makita makes one, but it is twice as heavy as the traditional screw gun, that's why I don't use it. The clip idea is good, that might bring down the weight.

To nicascott1

I use a Makita screw gun for decking mostly. I do landscape and decks and not too much inside work. We have three Makita screw guns. We run two and two. We have one guy drilling all the preholes and the second guy coming with the screw gun and fastening the decking down. Goes much smoother. I would say that's the only trick I use, even though most people do it this way. In terms of complaints, I don't really have any. A screw gun is pretty simple and does exactly what I need it to do. Now I am not saying something can not be improved on, but I just don't think like that. There have been a lot of improvements on tools that have helped, but I never realized that until I saw the tool in action. The only improvement I could see if it makes my coffee for me.

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Thank you very much for all your feedback. It is very helpful!

I have a few more follow up questions if you have the time.

1) You mentioned the balance of the tool being an issue at times...what specifically about the balance is a problem? Is the front end too heavy?

2) Do you think having interchangeable cords would be helpful so that when you damage a cord or want a certain cord length you could easily change it?

3) Does your screw gun have a belt clip and do you use it?

4) I have found during my research that most people hold the screw gun by the back of the body and not by the handle. Do you find much use with the handle?

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