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Dw735 Dust box


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That is pretty cool I just wonder how good the dust extraction is with out some kinda suction from a vacuum. It's better than nothing though and cheap to make so its not all bad

The nice thing about the DW735 is that it has a chip ejection fan. I've ran mine without any sort of collection and it shoots chips 20-30'.

I see it being an issue in dry climates as the static electricity poses a problem.

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Up until the other day I have been a tool hiatus from any major purchases. Then I need to change brakes on jeep, so ordered dewalts new 20v high torque impact.

oooooo let us know when u get that badboy Chad and congrats on the new purchase!
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Wasn't aware of that. I guess Dewalt just rather the chips go flying. That's actually a really good idea then with the box. That planer is the one tool I have not picked up yet from Dewalt

You'd think but there's a giant warning sticker next to the ejection port warning you not to use it without dust collection.

This got me thinking and I ran to lowes quick to see what kind of fittings I could find that fit and boy, is it TOUGH. I managed to find ONE fitting in the entire plumbing section (specifically the irrigation/landscape section) that fit the port. I then found a kit from Shop Vac that has an adapter in it that fits. But it's backwards from its intended purpose as the hose doesn't fit on the opposite end.

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I use it with the fabric trashcan adapter and the hose that comes with it. When you turn on the planer the adapter inflates like a boy house. It will keep blowing chips in until the adapter fills up too. I actually walk over to it and poke it once and a while while planing to make sure it isn't full. The built in blower works great.

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