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Searching for a Air Compressor / Tools


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Hey guys

Im looking for a air compressor and tools. I do occasional work on outboards and my car and then just general stuff in my small shop. I wanted your opinion/advice on these two units and tool sets. I already bought the sets of tools but I wanted to buy a compressor that will run these tools fine. Like I said I don't do a crazy amount of work with these things 'BUT' I want to leave myself head room to if I start finding myself using it alot, I have a good compressor. Below is what I was thinking about compressor wise, If you think I need to up the specs on the compressor(s) let me know.

Husky Compressor

125 Max PSI

Oil pump


5.0 SCFM @ 40 PSI

4.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI

8 GAL.

Central Pneumatic comporessor

150 PSI

NO oil pump

1.5 HP

3.4 SFCM @ 40 PSI

2.5 SCFM @ 90 PSI

6 GAL.

Husky 66 piece set (3 main tools)

Spray gun 4.2- 7.1 CFM 29-50 PSI

Sander 4.5 CFM 90 PSI

Die Grinder 6 CFM 90 PSI

Campbell-Hausfeld set


Well thats it. Thank you for taking your time to read all of that . And nice site BTW, alot of useful information!



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Thank You CircusMonkey!

I saw the on you listed and another for alittle more. Has bigger tank and more SCFM.


Now I read threw the reviews and some on the one I just posted said it can't run a impact wrench and the guy wasn't happy. Heres the long review.

"I recieved this 1.5hp 20 gallon vertical air compressor brand new as a gift 2 weeks ago. I am a retired professional mechanic. I sold my older 33gal compressor which worked flawless and it would do nearly everything I needed it for in my home garage. I knew the capacity was less than my old one, but figured it'd be ok for brake jobs and removig tires and such as I don't work on vehicles for a living anymore. I liked the compact design though. Here's the downfall, this compressor will not run an impact wrench. My wife had told me the employee at Sears told her it would run an impact wrench as well as do well with air rachets and other air tools. Well I'm here to tell you IT WILL NOT!! It's not a regulator problem or something simple. I have the regulator at 135psi and as soon as the impact wrench is activated the pressure drops to 80psi and drops from there as the tank is just way too small and I highly doubt this compressor would come close to 150psi. Don't waste your money on this unless you just want to inflate tires or you have a hobby that requires light air requirments. It may even have problems with that though. This will be going back and I'll look for at least a 33gal. compressor or larger. I've always used Craftsman tools for the last 25 years ... I'm beginning to think that the quality of Craftsman has dropped off severely. Shame on you Craftsman!! This is a cheaply made compressor that is obviously over priced and filled with wishful thinking on it's specs!!!"

Sorry for posting a long post. I know I'm at the low end with just spending around $200 but I want to get what I pay for. What do you guys think about this? As it stands right now I'm kinda leaning towards the one I just posted but this review has me confused. Again this isn't for alot of sustained work, all personal stuff like my outboards and my car. Not running a business with it.

Thanks again Circus!!


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Thank you CircusMonkey !!

I'm gonna grab that 20 gallon. Thank you for taking time out to help me decide. And your right alittle more money for the craftsman stuff is 'ALOT' better than central pneumatic from harbor freight. Will be a nice addition to my tool arsenal. :)

Thanks again,


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