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I have a Dewalt Laser level which has been a little belter and use Stabila level as my every day.

I like the look of the new Stanley levels, but as yet I have not bought a digital level.

The only thing that really makes the digitals worth it to me is the audio, that little beep can sure make life easier sometimes.

I'm wondering if you have Empire and Crick levels across the pond. Empire I would guess are our second most popular levels here in the states, judging by what I see on job sites, Crick levels are really popular among the brick and stone guys and I like them for shop use.

I have been seeing Bosch lasers being pimped out in a lot of stores around here, and have been wondering how they stack up.

A lot of people end up uwwing and awwing over Festools lighted level whenever anyone breaks one out. I just can't see a black level, not with the heat we have here, and I have to ask why a black level with a light? If your going to be working in a dark environment, I would think a brightly colored level would be a lot easier to find in the dark.

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I will keep an eye out for those makers but they don't jump out as ones I have seen.

And as far as the Festool level maybe the designer was that guy you asked about describing green to? LOL

The Bosch laser looks quality but to be honest that old Dewalt laser of mine has been a cracker, and anything more substantial for very big jobs i would probably hire in.

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I would love to review laser levels and rotary laser levels red versus green laser to see which is really better.

Also versatility of use and battery use as many of them can eat AA batteries and that can cost a bloomin fortune when like me you use them all day every day.

Green lasers are supposed to shoot a beam further and be easier to see when the daylight is stronger, but is that really true?

I would like to find out.

Is a rotary level really the way to go over a cross line laser.

Are the floor leveling levels really up to use on a job site.

And do the lasers designed for tiling shoot a strong and accurate enough beam to tile in real world applications?

These are all tests I would like to do to let the good folks know how they perform before they shell out hard earned cash. :)

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Posting because I recently added the DeWalt DW987K laser to my tiny arsenal.

I use it to hang signs. There are times when I have 50 or more signs to install all at the same height (ie: hospital patient room signs). I have the laser mounted to a tripod which is mounted on my cart. I can raise the tripod so the laser is at the needed install height of the sign, then I just roll down the hall and hang signs. Works pretty well.

Here's the setup:


In use:


The level:


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