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Magnets for bits


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I have a 5/16 --6" bit that goes into the impact and magnet fell out today when I was 30 stories up in a swing stage so not sure where she fell to but does anybody know of a place that's sells those small magnets that fit in the tips there... I figure I can just put some gorilla glue and let her sit for a bit and she is back in business...

Thanks in advance

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Something like this?  I'm not sure how the magnets are done in hollow bits, but if it's a solid bit you can order a neodymium magnet of the appropriate size on amazon.  If you have larger magnets you can cut off a piece of one.  I have no idea where they keep coming from, but I have a ton of these magnets on hand because they tend to be useful.  If you don't have magnets on hand, it might be cheaper to buy a new bit.


Also be sure to thoroughly clean the magnet before gluing because the metal filings stuck to it will keep it form sticking in the glue.

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I buy all of my magnets on eBay. I think it's a good time to upgrade the magnet to a more powerful magnet, I've wanted to do that before on bit holders but I couldn't get the magnet out.


Note: Pay attention to where you're buying from, the cheapest will come directly from China and it will take a month to get to you. For a little bit more you can find shippers from the US.

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I would imagine something like 6mm across and maybe 6-10mm long(which is a total guess). I have no idea how to get one out, I wish I knew I'd love to put a stronger magnet in one of my adapters...though i don't know if I'd want to go with the N52s I normally get, those are ridiculously strong, I'd worry about being able to easily get the bits out.

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