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Makita Warranty Support Kudos


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just had a pleasant experience with makita warranty support, first time needed warranty repair with their tools, i have a vast makita tool collection and over the years never had an issue that needed any repair or support until last week, i was charging a lxt battery and the yellow tab broke off the battery as i removed it and so im located in Arizona and closet repair facility is in Las vegas, NV, sent my battery and charger to them on friday last week and received a fedex delivery today the following friday. got a brand new charger and battery, very happy with the service, it was about a 1-2 day turn around plus shipping time, cant ask for any better service than that, now that makita has extended their warranty this has boosted my confidence in their warranties should i ever need their help again in the future. previously i had 8yr old lxt batteries ran without issue other than obvious decrease in capacity. now with new batteries with led indicator and new longer warranties, makita is in my opinion top quality more than ever. 

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I second you on that top quality opinion!! I have a service shop near by and have only ever had a premature failure with one tool out of my now 25-30 cordless tools. A very old model 3 speed lxt drill. It was in warranty and fixed without hassle and quickly. Every single one of my makita cordless tools that I have been using for up to 7 or 8 years professionally are still alive, well and making me money!! They just don't die and I have put some of them through hell

8 years is sick on a battery! I've still got one 6 year old in use and 2-5 year olds. All the rest are newer

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