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  1. Martinez tools ?

    Family is EVERYTHING Phil you got that right bro! Speaking of...how’s yours 👍
  2. Martinez tools ?

    Going along slowly but very well bro! Still have some swelling in the brain and optic nerves but I’m 20/20 and should hopefully be heading back to work next Thursday God willing!
  3. Martinez tools ?

    Phil?!?!?!?! How the heck are you dude?
  4. New Ryobi Tools

    Nice! Ryobi is certainly keeping super active. The transfer pump is on my list for must haves this spring.
  5. Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    @marsh942 Steven....you planning on using it as a shop tool? As far as I can tell, the Makita closely mimics my Kapex in footprint and a lot of common designs. That’s great for butting the machine up against a wall and saving floor space, trenching, dust collection etc.... The Dewalt on the other hand comes with a power cord. In the event the batteries are being used elsewhere or run out of charge. Dewalt machine is based on their own tried and true designs. I don’t think you could go wrong with either one. I was really tempted to by the Makita as a second miter.....because you know....I NEED A SECOND MITER SAW.....at least that’s what I tell myself. I totally get the brand loyalty, especially when it comes to battery compatibilty. I will say I run Dewalt and Makita cordless tools in my shop alongside my mostly Festool cordless tools and the whole Flexvolt whining crap about the 20v batteries not running the 60v tools is garbage. They don’t but being able to slap a 60v on my framing nailer makes my outdoor projects go a lot smoother. And my 5.0s run my cordless finish nailer and impact gun for plenty of time. Right now my Makita lineup is shrinking, I love my Makita tools but my selection has gotten down to a cordless chainsaw, sander, recip, impact and grinder. All useful to me. My Dewalt tools lineup has slowly been increased to include a couple of cordless nailers, impact, hammer drill, OPE, grinder and the circular saw. All useful to me. Then I’ve felt a M12 hoodie, and even some Bosch 12v stuff, a vacuum, two flashlights and two jackets, one for my Wife and the other for me. My charging station still has a bunch of different chargers. Drives me nuts but alas, each manufacturer offers great tools. Heck I’m thinking about buying that Ryobi 18v pump. Thing works on two power sources and I can drain my pool cover.
  6. Starlock Adapter for Vecturo.

    The Vecturo is based on the supercut for certain and pieces can be used from either one or other. I do not have the Vecturo, I would love it, but like @SetBuilder said I would probably go with the cordless version myself. It’s not a priority right now for me so I still don’t run an OMT at this time. I will say everyone that I have talked to that has the Vecturo loves the machine I just see the benefit of a cordless version for me. Now that Festool is offering those amazing cordless Sanders I would not be surprised if we see a cordless Vecturo at some point.
  7. Starlock Adapter for Vecturo.

    Do you have the Vecturo? I do not but that is the one complaint from Festool owners is that initially this was not available.
  8. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Welcome to the forums dude
  9. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Spare Player
  10. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Will do Buddy!
  11. Well guys.....it's been a pretty crazy summer. Spring, we found out we are having our first child, my wife wanted to stay in the home I had purchased 14 years ago and then said "SIKE" and we put our home on the market. My shop sadly, was broken down and my tools up until last week were in storage in some pods. Our new home, which is on a dirt private road, climbing a steady ridge, is located out in the woods and is only fifteen years old. The electrical service was only 100amp. Two weeks ago a guy I know, Craig, came over and added a HUGE sub panel and upgraded my home to 200 amps. Today, I got off duty and for the first time ever, I cracked open a panel and wired in a couple of circuits. These two will feed two lines into my new basement shop! I started these lines with 12/2 wire and 20amp outlets to start the lines. This is actually a big deal for me. As some of you may recall my last shop involved me wiring in the shop and lighting which was great but I had the electrician start a line out of the panel for me. Not this time. It's all me baby. This week, thanks to Eric and Dan and the failed coffee give away, I had a hundred dollar Amazon gift certificate so I was able to put a hundred bucks down on their newest line of tools and what a fantastic DC unit it is going to be. 120amp, two 4" ports, one micron bag.....Supermax' new Dust Collector and it should be in Monday next week and my new Shopfox Mortiser 3/4hp, will be in Thursday. I will be adding some pictures to this new blog but figured I would start with this. Pretty cool stuff. I might be able to make my first born' cradle God willing as we have an expected deliver date of 12/29/16. Not too much to do....paint the nursery, build a shed and frame and wire the shop. Oh yeah....this basement is as dry as my sense of humor. Eventually I might end up in an outer building but bringing down my biggest tools....Powermattic Helical Jointer, Sawstop CNS175TGP36 and Rikon 14" 10-325 bandsaw as well as the lightweight Rikon Midi Lathe and about 600 pounds of Festool was a real back breaker but it's going to be worth it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Decidedly, I went to Lowe’s today and ended up getting a Wood magazine with an awesome quick and dirty build plan for a compact solid bench. I ended up getting some kd fir 2x8s and got them stacked downstairs tonight. Looks like I’ll finally have a bench in the shop while those beams I bought last year wait till spring for me to make my English bench. I figured this would kill two birds with one stone...get a bench in the shop so I can get back into action and allow me in my current condition to lift these things 👍😇🙏 Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the top assembled as well as the matching lower portion. Maybe a bench sometime Monday?
  13. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Thanks brother. Yeah, things are getting pretty bad. And yes, 10% off at the store just like TWW. Buuuuuuut....you have to pay 5-1/2% sales tax 😕 Believe it or not, NH there is NO sales tax! I think I’m going to push myself for being out of the house and I’ll take a 4-1/2% reduction 🤙 off the price!
  14. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Not only should you, you should take a couple of days off next week and come visit. I have been home recovering from my “issue” since Christmas Day and am feeling much better. My Wife gave me the nod and next week I am planning on going to Warner Maine for a quick visit. About a three hour drive each way in the Mustang to a little business that is famous for making those chisels and planes. I might get myself a brass no 4 or a cast iron 4-1/2...... And sign up for a spring class 😇 I have been stagnant too long!!!!
  15. Workbench Showoff

    Nice job Bro.! I got approved to start slowly lifting things from Mass General on the first of February and am hoping I can at least start next week! I got back to work on the 1st of March so am hoping to be able to lift some of those timbers I have , down into the Basement shop 👍🙏
  16. New Jet Router Table System

    Here is the link to Toolup from Jets site. Interesting they list it as Powermatic though truthfully they are manufactured similarly.... http://www.toolup.com/Powermatic-737000WK-Router-Lift-with-MDF-Table-Kit http://www.toolup.com/Powermatic-737000CK-Router-Lift-with-Cast-Table-Kit Here is the direct site list... http://www.jettools.com/us/en/p/router-lift-with-mdf-table-kit/737000WK
  17. Welcome aboard Dan!
  18. New Jet Router Table System

    Hahahahahaha you sound so cute.....The Festool one is 1700 and ONLY fits Festool OF1400 and 1010!!
  19. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Dude, that is the perfect analogy here!
  20. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Up until recently really, Festool was primarily and in many case still is a European brand. People bash Festool as being shop tools however they are not shop tools they are specifically designed for construction and carpentry use. At a cost. Mafell is designed for timber work, heavy construction etc. At a cost. Americans are constantly bashing the crud out of these tools rightly wrongly or indifferently and maybe cost is why Mafell is still lagging here with only the one retailer that I know of now. Beats me but the Europeans buys these tools from both manufactures for a load of cash and they seem popular and highly regarded. I can tell you right now, I go and drop $800 on a jigsaw there will be some inflated talk by people wondering why I would do that. But the results speak for themselves. I will tell you that the Festool OF2000, not being sold any longer, is either borrowed from Mafell or the other way around. Just as I said Mafell uses Metabo for cordless drill research and share many design similarities. Ultimately a good half of Festool lineup cannot be purchased here in the USA. And try buying a Mafell cordless drill or some of their other tools here in the USA, assuming you have the cash.....good luck 🤔
  21. Bessey K Body Revolution parallel clamps.

    Most of my parallel clamps are Jets and K Body Revos. They are both phenomenal clamps and these ones look really nice so I might try to find a couple of 24s I’m short on that department!
  22. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    I don’t believe so. Mafell’s P1is just a hair under $800 and that is the cheapest saw they make. But that jigsaw is a remarkable machine. I’m already just a wee bit under the mark there, I sold my Carvex and T18 this past week. This machine will be mine. Interesting it appears Toolnut already either lost or dropped their Mafell tools and they must be purchased through Timberwolf tools in Maine.
  23. hola :)

    Welcome aboard dude! Beats me on
  24. I’ve got the narrower mag switch board, absolutely love it.
  25. Festool T18 +3 Set

    Sold, thanks!