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  1. ChrisK

    Favorite/Most Used Levels

    I have a 48” Festool lit level (Stabilla). Love it. Use it all the time.
  2. ChrisK

    Just Joined

    Welcome to the forums dude
  3. ChrisK

    Japanese tape measures

    I’m not sure if they are available in your neck of the woods but I use imperial and metric and my favorite metric tapes are made by fastcap. Really great tapes in the shop.
  4. I ended up getting rid of the Bosch because the drill was huge. They have since released a couple of their newest most compact beasts with the same feature. I wish me Dewalt or my PDC had it but being I didn’t attend mechanic training 101 I’ve taken some pretty good bites from my drills while using hole saws mostly or hitting a particularly deep knot in hardwood. As far as what @kornomaniac says he sells those things all day long and knows exactly what Makita has to offer.
  5. I think....let me repeat...”think”, Bosch and Mafell are the only two companies with anti kickback in their drills. I do not own a Mafell drill but I had the first gen Bosch with anti kickback. Worked awesome.
  6. ChrisK

    M12 Fuel impact 2553-20

    Do you have any other batteries to check if it is dead? Remember the five year warranty they have too. Also welcome to the forums!
  7. ChrisK

    Hilti cordless framing gun GX90

    ? What do you mean? ive used mine on lvl, pt, kiln dried, varieties of plywood into aforementioned wood no issues.
  8. Hey guys, I am working hard and fast on my Sawstop and ,y stock blade is bogging down. A good cleaning will take care of it but I am in the market for a better blade. What do you guys use? Any recommendations? I hear the Freud Fusion is awesome, naturally Forrest but what else?
  9. ChrisK

    Hilti cordless framing gun GX90

    Ive heard people bash the Dewalt 2 speed and laud it. Like i said, I’ve had mine for quite a while now without any issues except battery life. It operates best on the 5.0 or Flex. Mine sinks the nails well, I’ve only had two jambs and the adjustments have been smooth. No reason whatsoever to go with another one very happy.
  10. ChrisK

    Hilti cordless framing gun GX90

    Truthfully the only Hilti tool I have is their 12v hammer drill. Nice little gun but I don’t own anything else, I run a 20v Dewalt framer and have had it for five years of at home use, I’ve done some framing with it, mostly interior walls, a couple of PT foundations for sheds, hot tubs etc. and am using it on an shed project for a friend but no experience with Hilti. If it’s like everything else they make it’ll be pretty slick I’m sure.
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    16?!?! That’s crazy!
  12. ChrisK

    Hilti cordless framing gun GX90

    <<< I moved this from the Dewalt to the Hilti power tool link >>> Chris
  13. ChrisK


    Thanks for that, I did I not know they did a recycle. I keep the batteries off of the charger
  14. ChrisK

    Milwaukee M12 2462-20 battery xc 6.0

    Yuppers....it’ll power the M12 a long longer 👍👍 Also so welcome to the forums
  15. ChrisK


    I only use the new flexvolt included fast chargers because of this. Makita spoiled me with their chargers. I never have had any issues with the older ones but the fan is a big deal to me.
  16. ChrisK

    Milwaukee 52" workbench peg board

    No help from me but welcome to the forums dude
  17. ChrisK

    What goes in Tstak case

    https://www.dewalt.com/products/hand-tools/measuring-and-layout-tools/spot-lasers/12v-max-5-spot--cross-line-green-laser/dw0825lg beats me bro but this has the list of all of the equipment 👍
  18. ChrisK

    What goes in Tstak case

    Maybe the cord as it is wrapped? Welcome to the forums dude.
  19. Well guys.....it's been a pretty crazy summer. Spring, we found out we are having our first child, my wife wanted to stay in the home I had purchased 14 years ago and then said "SIKE" and we put our home on the market. My shop sadly, was broken down and my tools up until last week were in storage in some pods. Our new home, which is on a dirt private road, climbing a steady ridge, is located out in the woods and is only fifteen years old. The electrical service was only 100amp. Two weeks ago a guy I know, Craig, came over and added a HUGE sub panel and upgraded my home to 200 amps. Today, I got off duty and for the first time ever, I cracked open a panel and wired in a couple of circuits. These two will feed two lines into my new basement shop! I started these lines with 12/2 wire and 20amp outlets to start the lines. This is actually a big deal for me. As some of you may recall my last shop involved me wiring in the shop and lighting which was great but I had the electrician start a line out of the panel for me. Not this time. It's all me baby. This week, thanks to Eric and Dan and the failed coffee give away, I had a hundred dollar Amazon gift certificate so I was able to put a hundred bucks down on their newest line of tools and what a fantastic DC unit it is going to be. 120amp, two 4" ports, one micron bag.....Supermax' new Dust Collector and it should be in Monday next week and my new Shopfox Mortiser 3/4hp, will be in Thursday. I will be adding some pictures to this new blog but figured I would start with this. Pretty cool stuff. I might be able to make my first born' cradle God willing as we have an expected deliver date of 12/29/16. Not too much to do....paint the nursery, build a shed and frame and wire the shop. Oh yeah....this basement is as dry as my sense of humor. Eventually I might end up in an outer building but bringing down my biggest tools....Powermattic Helical Jointer, Sawstop CNS175TGP36 and Rikon 14" 10-325 bandsaw as well as the lightweight Rikon Midi Lathe and about 600 pounds of Festool was a real back breaker but it's going to be worth it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. ChrisK

    Makita sp6000 plunge saw

    Nothing with the Makita here, I have a Festool though I’ve heard great things about the Makita. Welcome to the forums. Just out of curiosity, what kind of material are you cutting? Any chance the blade is gummed up with pitch?
  21. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Thanks bro!
  22. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Thanks Comp! And making little Chris’ too!!! Just found out Will is going to be a brother 👍😎🙏😇
  23. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Mortised a stop block for an antique Stanley I have...
  24. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Well after some “fine tuning” I have the first of two benches ready...the base support shelf remains undone but...