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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    I am really interested in learning myself. I hope you follow up with your thoughts on this.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    I've had that set for over two years. They are great chisels. I have a bunch of Lie Nielsen socket chisels but these get used a lot too. I like the socket chisels because of the replaceable handles but these are well made English steel and hold a great edge for a long time. I didn't realize the Dewalt were made there too.
  3. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    Sorry Comp, I have been there and it plain sucks.
  4. More on saw stop

    Yeah they came out with the slider right after they released the cabinet saw several years ago. It actually fits every one of their saws and most other manufacturers saws by boring out alignment holes in the table top. It's a really nice slider too but at $999 it's not high on my list of add one in the near future.
  5. 12v 23ga Pin Nailer

    Nice, looks a bit smaller than the one I had. Hopefully it's got some power to it.
  6. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Smoke show
  7. Always check your bevel

    In the name of saving time AND money....and swallowing my pride, I purchased a Rubbermade Roughneck 7x7 garden shed. As many of you know, my wife and I have been in our new home for less than a year and a shed has eluded us since the premature birth of our beautiful son. After much "reminding" I broke down and bought a stupid but nice looking shed to put my Wife's gardening supplies and pool stuff out of the way. The spot we chose is perfect, level, flat, slightly in the woods but easily accessible. This summer I took down a stupid pergola like structure that was over the deck. The wood sat in a pile all summer. Yesterday I bought the shed and some CDX. Though you can build this right on the ground, only a moron would. I digress. I cut all of the wood down to rough size with a chainsaw then brought it into the shop this morning which has remained unused ALL summer. I put this fifteenish year old PT 4x4 material to the amazing Kapex. Four7'6" lengths were what I determined. I finished the cuts and started laying out half laps with my nice square. It hit me, EVERY FU$&ing cut was off by about three degrees. I must've smacked my Kapex off of zero and NEVER checked the bevel and assumed it was square. F$&@ing putz move. Anyways, check your bevel. That super expensive miter saw is only as good as the moron using it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฉ
  8. Makita USA new items

    Any chance you can put two more batteries in that gigantic plastic behemoth?
  9. What tools did you buy today?

    Love those NWS tools. I've got a few and I use them as my primary wiring tools. Really good finish to them too.
  10. Scroll Saws?

    You can do scroll work which is very fine, intricate sawing. Blades break all the time though. I have my friend my Delta scroll saw, I used to get frustrated with mine.
  11. Hilti 12v Unboxing Video

    Here the unboxing. Really nice tools. Super comfortable. Not going to drop my CXS but these look to be promising!
  12. As seen at Home Depot

  13. I won't dignify that with an answer. Plus apple intuitive changed it.
  14. Florida and Texas

    Hey guys, to our members recovering inTexas and the south west and to Florida for what is coming, I pray you all are well and be careful out there! I hope this blows into nothing and relief finds get moved over to Texas asap but seriously, thoughts and prayers for you all.
  15. Rrich1's shop project builds.

    Fantastic dude, looks awesome.
  16. Long-Gone Retail Chains

    We had a Home Quarters. Pretty cool store back in the 90s. I remember a buddy working police details for them in '99 when they were going out of business and selling everything really cheap.
  17. Florida and Texas

    Ends up my brother lives in Spring Hill Brian. He was pretty laid back about the storm too, though he didn't jam over to HD ๐Ÿ˜•
  18. Hurricane Irma headed my way!

    Good luck guys! We will be thinking of you.

    Nah, not me bro. I will say that beast will rip lugs off no problem and it looks just like the Mac which they have been building along so this will be a real powerhouse for sure. I'm waiting to get this wrench, all wrenching shall wait....... https://youtu.be/V4UfAL9f74I

    When pray tell is this getting released?????
  21. I saw this topic earlier and thought eghhhh. But @Jronman brings up an excellent point. Having a minimum post count will help keep trolls at bay.
  22. Gaming table guild build

    Beautiful work bro, love watching this project come together
  23. More on saw stop

    Here's one from tools of the trade.... http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/power-tools/benchtop-tools/tts-tooltechnic-systems-acquires-sawstop_o