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  1. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Have a safe holiday, I hope you all get to spend it with your family. I remember last year, being at NICU, with my Wife and my newborn Son worried sick....now???? I’ve got a family to pig out with!!! Much to be thankful for 😇
  2. Not a plate, it connect right out the bottom of the machine. I bought the plate through amazon warehouse pretty cheap though.
  3. So....where the saw blade, brake and assembly are located, it’s in an enormous basket like structure. There is a hose that drops down. I bought the dust collection plate that has allowance for various sized hoses (4” in my case). I do not have the over head dust collector, I would like to add it but it’s a pricey set up. I will add it and more likely than not at some point the sliding arm assembly. I would have love to have gone with a cabinet base but alas....
  4. I have the Sawstop CNS175TGP36 contractor saw. The saw is sealed down below. Absolutely love my saw. Guys are going to start talking smack. Regardless what they say, it’s an beautiful saw. The guy who locked the pat is an a hole no doubt but it is a phenomenal machine worth every penny. Super powerful, quiet. Dust collection when set up is phenomenal. I’m going to switch out the stamped steel wings at some point for cast iron.
  5. Well guys.....it's been a pretty crazy summer. Spring, we found out we are having our first child, my wife wanted to stay in the home I had purchased 14 years ago and then said "SIKE" and we put our home on the market. My shop sadly, was broken down and my tools up until last week were in storage in some pods. Our new home, which is on a dirt private road, climbing a steady ridge, is located out in the woods and is only fifteen years old. The electrical service was only 100amp. Two weeks ago a guy I know, Craig, came over and added a HUGE sub panel and upgraded my home to 200 amps. Today, I got off duty and for the first time ever, I cracked open a panel and wired in a couple of circuits. These two will feed two lines into my new basement shop! I started these lines with 12/2 wire and 20amp outlets to start the lines. This is actually a big deal for me. As some of you may recall my last shop involved me wiring in the shop and lighting which was great but I had the electrician start a line out of the panel for me. Not this time. It's all me baby. This week, thanks to Eric and Dan and the failed coffee give away, I had a hundred dollar Amazon gift certificate so I was able to put a hundred bucks down on their newest line of tools and what a fantastic DC unit it is going to be. 120amp, two 4" ports, one micron bag.....Supermax' new Dust Collector and it should be in Monday next week and my new Shopfox Mortiser 3/4hp, will be in Thursday. I will be adding some pictures to this new blog but figured I would start with this. Pretty cool stuff. I might be able to make my first born' cradle God willing as we have an expected deliver date of 12/29/16. Not too much to do....paint the nursery, build a shed and frame and wire the shop. Oh yeah....this basement is as dry as my sense of humor. Eventually I might end up in an outer building but bringing down my biggest tools....Powermattic Helical Jointer, Sawstop CNS175TGP36 and Rikon 14" 10-325 bandsaw as well as the lightweight Rikon Midi Lathe and about 600 pounds of Festool was a real back breaker but it's going to be worth it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    I just sold my TXS drill set and I have the rail edge guide set plus a brand new OF1010 up for sale on CL. Never used the 1010, bought a new set a couple of years ago but the 1400 has been my primary router big and small. Been using the heck out of my 1400 and 1617 and have great plans for the 2200. Also sold my Dewalt 12v drills. Loved them but to much stuff sitting.
  7. Lumber rack

    Yeah I’ve got the portamate, I like it a lot but the Grizzly price is way better
  8. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    So no pics today, and don’t really know why I update this but.... This weekend, I finally finished wiring in the shop. Lighting is done, yesterday I added two separate outlets, both ceiling mounted, one line for the DC unit, the other for the Sawstop. I also finally installed the Grizzly air cleaner which created its own set of issues that I resolved. I had to do some rust repair to my table saw, I had a small leak from one of the copper water lines that dripped onto my table top and even got a speck on my bandsaw table so they are both soaking in T9 Boeshield till tomorrow then I’ll hit them with Renaissance wax (oh yes, the name of a the basement woodworker). I ended up listing some tools on CL to clear out some floor space in the shop and put some money on the coffers for later on but hopefully by Fridayish I might have some pics to post.
  9. What tools did you buy today?

    Mag switch, some awesome Fastbacks and shockwave red helix bits...
  10. What tools did you buy today?

    Yeah I had mine for a couple of years and it was a great little saw. No complaints.
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    Ha! I used to have that bandsaw several years ago! Great little saw!
  12. What tools did you buy today?

    From that smokin’ hot deal over at Tool Nut
  13. Slim 3.0’s spotted??

    Here you go guys, unfortunately they won’t ship to the USA https://www.amazon.co.uk/DEWALT-3-0AH-LI-ION-BATTERY-DCB187-XJ/dp/B075FWGSL3/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510964345&sr=8-1&keywords=Dewalt+3.0
  14. New type of naval warfare?

    Oh yeah. That’s impressive.
  15. Going to Maui!

    Awesome bro! If you run into Nalu tell him we said howdy!!!!
  16. New type of naval warfare?

  17. Yeah looks pretty neat too
  18. ToolNut Flexvolt battery

    I got mine too. Lucked out I guess!
  19. ToolNut Flexvolt battery

    That’s not a bad deal. I was running my 20v lawn tools and obviously my flexvolt skilsaw on these
  20. Heated jacket owners

    I’ve got the Bosch jacket too. I bought one for my Wife also. Works great, remember the more layers UNDER the jacket, the less you’ll feel the heat. Layer over. Love the jacket though, need to switch to 4.0s
  21. Festool Recon Deals

    Good for you Jimbo, I hear it’s a great sander. I have the RO90DX with the delta pad so I’m otherwise all set.
  22. Hearth Pad Part Deuce

    Thanks Comp! Yeah I’m all set with that Buddy, I like my heat dry 😜
  23. Hearth Pad Part Deuce

    Well most of you guys that have been here for a while know, several years ago I built a hearth pad for our last house’ pellet stove. Just finished grouting hearth pad number two, this will be for the 2200sf pellet stove my brother and I will install in our new home. Two pieces of three by three laminated finished ply (all I had in the shop 🤔.... I need more cabinet grade ply), a three by three of fiber cement and some ceramic tiles. All the trim is custom sized for the existing trim board (albeit two and three quarters tall). Just smoothed out the grout, now I’ll clean the glue lines, fill the nail holes (love my Dewalt 20v finish gun) with putty, rasp the joints on two sides (I am FAR from perfect) and paint the pre primed pine trim.
  24. Hearth Pad Part Deuce

    It’s the same thing you have in Florida Buddy. Only we have to pay money for it😜
  25. Using M12 Battery with Dewalt heated jackets/sweaters

    I love my Bosch jacket, I have the lower capacity 12v batteries so my Milwaukee M12 seems to last a bit longer but I always pack a couple of extra batteries whipen I’m on the atv or going for a hike.