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  1. ChrisK

    5.0 dead 😭

    Well, one of my 5.0s pooped the bed today. I’ll call in for warranty information, the battery is dated 2016. I will keep you all posted but I had a flexvolt go last year and they were awesome about replacing it. It’ll be interesting to see if they replace it.
  2. ChrisK

    Impact surge driver vs impact fuel driver

    Yeah, I was kind of surprised in the power department but it is quiet which is great in the shop. Not a power house but I’ve had it for a while now and I do like it. My 887 is my go to when I’m screwing the bigguns but alas
  3. ChrisK

    Impact surge driver vs impact fuel driver

    I’ve got the Surge. It’s pretty good for woodworking but so is my DCF887. The nice thing is the reduction in sound and control ability.
  4. ChrisK

    Hikoki Quiet Drive impact driver

    Where did you end up getting this?
  5. ChrisK

    Favorite Clamps?

    I forgot about these ones... https://www.harborfreight.com/48-in-aluminum-bar-clamp-60540.html Believe it or not, they ain’t too bad. I bought eight of them for a real sloppy glue up of some heavy legs and they did me justice.
  6. ChrisK

    M18 Fuel 18 gauge brad nailer

    No opinion from me. I’ve seen good reviews about it but I use a different brand that I am very happy with.
  7. ChrisK

    Best Wood Plug Cutter

    I have the Montana brand plug cutters. https://www.montanabrandtools.com/ Really nice set and they make awesome drill bits too.
  8. Stuart posted this today..... http://toolguyd.com/skilsaw-worm-drive-table-saw/ Skilsaw has been rebranded as pro level from Skil and I have the 7-1/4" I have this one..... http://www.skilsaw.com/product-spt67wm22/ And it is a PHENOMENAL saw. I can only imagine that this new table saw they are introducing is going to give the competition a serious run for their money. Really cool stuff coming our way to be sure!
  9. ChrisK

    Jimbo's New Playground

    Don’t hesitate bro!!!! Get some easywood tools and a face shield and start scraping!!!! It’s a blast!
  10. ChrisK

    Hilti 12v Hammer Drill

    Hey all, Hilti drill, 2 batteries and a charger adapter (not a charger). New, unused it was a sort of gift that I don’t need. It’s the hammer drill kit with the 18/21v charger adapter you just put the batteries on. Shipping included, USA only. $100. You can buy the charger direct from Hilti for about $35 with shipping.
  11. ChrisK

    Jimbo's New Playground

    What did you get for a lathe Jimbo?
  12. ChrisK

    Festop Table Saw Announced

    Yet we still buy....grrrrrrr.... It does look like the cms system which is mostly available in Europe. I am wondering if the saw is a TS variant as the cms is designed to place one in there. Or would this be a sw insert so you could still use the router set up? Matters not, I have a Sawstop contractor saw and have not bought the Cms system...$$$$
  13. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

    The Lie Nielsen 5-1/2 and the Ridgid oscillation benchtop were from my beautiful Wife for Christmas!
  14. Never!!!!!! Im a Renaissance kind of guy....Bagels and Lattes 😎
  15. ChrisK

    Favorite Clamps?

    Also have several Dewalt extra large trigger clamps, various lengths. My favorite trigger clamps I’ve ever used. The faces are full depth so lots of contact points with project.
  16. ChrisK

    Favorite Clamps?

    I’ve got some Bessey and a lot of Jet parallel clamps. Love both brands.
  17. Knock it off. It has been taken care of. Thanks, Chris
  18. ChrisK

    HKC55 Thoughts?

    I’ve used it on 3/4 decking no problems but we will find out this summer when I replace my decking with composite 🙏
  19. ChrisK


    Read your pm.
  20. Actually disregard @Babysaw comments. This is is a forum for members to post. For members that may feel they need to guide, direct or otherwise offer non constructive criticism or jabs I would highly suggest you write your comments on a piece of toilet paper and blow your nose into said notes. Do not use the forum to spread disrespect to other members. Thanks, Chris.
  21. ChrisK

    Another new guy

    Nice work dude and welcome to the forums!
  22. ChrisK

    New guy

    Welcome to the forums dude, glad to have you here
  23. Errr.....uhhhhh....professional bagel consumer 🤪
  24. ChrisK

    XFD10 Driver Drill - Torque Setting Dashes?

    Yeesh! Never thought of that before. Maybe just the separator between drive mode and drill mode? Forcing you to turn the trans a little farther? Welcome to the forums dude, Chris