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  1. Wow...Milwaukee Vs SnapOn

    Odd, to say the least.
  2. Makita USA new items

    Looks awesome. Probably need to get an upgrade myself, as my Makita Miter stand is junk, in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Milwaukee packout

    Not sure on how it can be a game changer, since storage that can wheel and is removable has been out for a while. However, I will say that they have a few ideas that are unique. I’m agreeing with previous posts... the price will drop for the holidays so they can get people to buy them... then they’ll get people hooked. With that, just like any new tool/system, they will adjust accordingly with demand and hopefully add/subtract what they need so their system continues to improve. I don’t think it’s an awful buy, but I’d personally wait until the price drops some. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Milwaukee packout

    @JimboS1ice, yeah I can see a few negative to it for working, depending on your needs. I know a few of the things I read said that people didn't like it because it didn't have drawers? Which makes sense, but on the other hand I think your tools are safer from the elements in this system because of that fact? I could me wrong, but just my initial thoughts on that particular comment. FB82
  5. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    I think the 120V vac would be cool, especially with all of the silica laws coming out. Make something similar to what Hilti has so it has the heppa and can be used in hospitals? Just my two cents. FB82
  6. Milwaukee packout

    I think it looks awesome, as I read the review on here and have been following the Canadian guys on IG and they seem to like it. I guess I want to read a review of someone using it on a site.... so I can see how handy it is and practical in working conditions. I would be interested in getting one, as the house I flipped earlier in the year was a cluster with tools all over... maybe this would help? FB82
  7. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    Sorry for the late response. The magnet is alright, I don't think its amazing, but it's not poor either. My major complaint with it would be the actual pocket clip. It hasn't happened yet, but I question if it will break easily if caught? If that makes sense. I agree with @KnarlyCarl that it could be improved... as I would like to be able to clip it to other things, oppose to just my pocket. (Stole his whole sentence, I know)
  8. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    I got the LED Rover light from my rep last week, I personally like it a lot. I just keep it in the door of my truck in case I need a quick light, plus I like that I can recharge it and that the charger works for other devices as well. Also, the charger seems pretty nice too... not like my iPhone one that takes a crap on me every six months.
  9. Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    Well, I think I like the Makita options better than both of them. I guess the question to me... is what platform do you have now? I don't think one is substantially better than the other, so I don't think it would be worth the investment to switch platforms, if that makes sense?
  10. The Flexvolt 12" is making it's first appearance on the site! Seems to be plenty powerful for what we are using it for!
  11. 15g Fuel Nailer

    @BMack37the Yeah, I would assume that they are going to come out with a generation 2.0 in short order. With all of the stuff that other companies are coming out with I would think Milwaukee would want to be competitive in a market that they are now diving in to. The 15g is alright, just heavy. I have not had problems with it jamming, but I just think it could be built in a more agronomical way.. if that makes sense.
  12. Show me your Makita collection!

    Woah! Good pics, guys. Yeah, I only have a brushed drill and a 3.0 for their cordless line... it was $50.00 (new) so I couldn't pass it up. However, I do have a few corded things... belt sander, planer, miter saw, etc. I think their wood working stuff is excellent, personally.
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Total steal on the router. Can't beat that price!! Congrats! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Bosch needs some new executives.

    @DR99 I was with you on the lineup, until @dwain set me straight with some Bosch info that I was not aware of. They have more cordless tool than you think...
  15. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    Yikes... this thing looks like a total hawg. Saw the Canadian fellas using it on IG... major power. I can't wait to hear what people have to say on here... once it is used actually on the site or in the shop. FB82