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  1. I saw that Ego is coming out with the Power Station. It will hold up to 4 Ego batteries to provide like 2800 watts starting and 2000 running watts clean power. It will be interesting to see what it sells for. It will be expensive to put 4 7.5 AH batteries on it. They are selling that it can be used indoors. Has anyone seen anything on this, I can't find much on it.
  2. I added this to my Ego collection. I really like having a bladed edger. It was basically the powerhead with the edger attachment for $129.00 without battery or charger.
  3. Nice, it will be a better space for you.
  4. Looking good. I like the dust collection behind the saw.
  5. I have been wanting one of these for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. So much easier to maneuver than my 16 gallon shop vac.
  6. I was walking by the clearance area in hardware at my HD and saw this. Just the battery was worth grabbing it. I also got one of the managers to sell me a Ego 2.5 AH battery that was still in the brown cardboard box from a display for $60.00. I was pretty happy to find these.
  7. If you are getting into woodworking and will want to use a dado blade I do not think the DWE7480 will take a dado blade.
  8. I picked up the new carbon fiber shaft Ego trimmer. I told myself my gas trimmer was going bad. I blame Eric and his review on the web site for pushing me over the edge.
  9. Let us know how it works Comp. I have been looking at robot vacs for a while.
  10. I tried the Dr. Scholl's inserts, I was at Walmart and saw the machine you stand on and it maps your feet and tells you which code works for you. They have worked great so far, I have been using them about a year.
  11. Well after reading the article on the website about the Ryobi 23 gauge pin nailer that I did not know about. My HD does not stock them so I headed off to the HD near my office that day and picked one up.
  12. rfwjr

    Home Depot

    I picked this up at my HD. Werner 13 foot multi position ladder.
  13. I saw that Ego is coming out with a new trimmer that has a carbon fiber shaft and a power load head. You put in the line like you do in the Rapid load head and push a button and it winds the line in the head for you. I am hoping Dan and Eric do a video on this soon.
  14. I just bought one of those last month. My wife decided she wanted new towel bars. That turned into repainting the bathroom and cabinets, new fixtures, doors, door hardware, new updated outlets, switches, and closet doors. Plus I have to put trim around the mirror. Then I start on the guest bath.
  15. rfwjr

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year crew.
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