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    New Makita blower

    New 18v Makita blower. The specs put it a little less powerful than their 36v but pretty close. Makita seems to be getting better at utilizing every bit of energy from their single 18v batteries while maintaining a small size. https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XBU03Z
  2. Well the DLS714 appears to have a greater crosscut than the LS610. I have the DLS714 and i am still amazed by its power. I have cut through 2" thick walnut slabs with it like they were butter. You can use 7 1/4 blades on it instead of the 7 1/2 for the variety and how cheap they are. You lose a little depth but obviously not much.
  3. I don't have any info other than this picture i found on a Japanese website but this does look promising.
  4. Marcv76

    18v Polisher

    Not sure when this will be available in North America but looks pretty nice.
  5. Heres some new tools on Makita website. 1. 18v Brushless one handed chainsaw 2. 3/4 gallon dust extractor/blower. (been in Europe for a while but new to USA) 3. 18v 16G nailer 4. several 18v blower jackets
  6. Yes I meant "finally in USA". I almost ordered it form Canada a few month back.
  7. The barrel grip jigsaw is finally here in NA. https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XVJ01Z
  8. I thought this was a neat idea. Its a 4 in 1 drill/Hammer/driver/impact. I don't expect it to be better than any of the single function drills or impacts, but as a all in one that you can throw in a toolbox for maintenance seems like it would work well. https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XPT02Z
  9. I don't understand why so many people get so worked up over the "20V" name. From what I read it was more to differentiate their newer battery platform form the older 18v system. Since they have such a big presence in Home Depot it causes less confusion when a homeowner is buying a battery. they have a 20v tool and buy the 18v battery then complain when it doesn't fit. Like many things in life things have to be dumbed down to the lowest denominator. You know Milwaukee 12v aren't 12v either, yet I rarely see people complaining about that.
  10. here is a way to make single use bags reusable. Those aren't my pictures but I've done this hack. I use it mostly for saw dust and as long as you wrap the dowel a couple time and clamp it, I dont have any escaping dust. If anything did escape it would be pretty minimal and I would say just add another clip.
  11. here is a way to make single use bags reusable.
  12. Dewalt needs to step up their vacuum game. Cordless vacuums are probably my favorite cordless tools because they are used on the job, at home, camping ect..Dewalts cordless vacuum is outdated, loud, and doesn't have much suction. I thought it was good years ago but not anymore by todays standards.
  13. Did you purchase this off of Ebay? I use to order tools only available in the UK from Toolstop.com but it seems that they don't offer USA delivery anymore.
  14. Looks like a 18v Fax machine. I see the plug on the right side so maybe a 18v power unit that converts to 110 somehow?
  15. I have the older model and it has plenty of torque but the blade speed is too slow at I think 2700. If pushed too fast you can get it to stall pretty easily. The newer model should be much better and I like the built in dust tube.
  16. https://www.metabo.com/us/enus/tools/battery-pack-systems/18-volt-class/cordless-circular-saw/ks-18-ltx-57-601857890-6-1-2-cordless-circular-saw.html
  17. Your right that would have absolutely worked. It was more about me figuring out the limits of the tools and what types of jobs they are more suited for. I actually like using trim head screws sometimes also. They leave a hole not much bigger than a 15g nailer and actually bite into the wood. Someday when I have spare time I would like to try building stuff with hand tools only.
  18. I agree with you in regards to finish work. they aren't replacements just yet for certain projects. I made a dining table out of Hickory and needed to use nails to attach a trim piece to the side of the top. None of the cordless nailers I had could handle shooting 2" nails into hickory end grain. This included the dewalt 20v 16g, the greco 18g fuel nailer, or my buddies Ryobi 18v. I had to use my old pneumatic to complete it. That is where something like this could come in real handy. It should be more powerful than current cordless nailers and it can also be used for other tasks like filling up bike and car tires in non powered areas.
  19. Here is a visual of the difference in size between cordless nail guns and pneumatic. I think I like the smaller gun with the cordless compressor over the large gun. These are both 18G.
  20. I can't speak for the Dewalt and Makita cordless tracks but I own the Festool cordless and it has awesome dust collection with the attached bag. It worked well enough that I never plug in the vacuum. It is nice to make cuts and not have to watch where the cord are while cutting.
  21. A little disappointed. I was hoping for a 10" miter saw, a 10" corded/cordless tablesaw, and a vacuum that takes advantage of the 60v batteries. Maybe next year.
  22. I've seen that vacuum in European market but it's the same specs as their current dcv581. They just slapped Flexvolt on it so people know that those new batteries will work in it. Where is there true upgraded vacuum to take advantage of the new batteries and 60v power?
  23. Does anyone know if Dewalt is planning a more powerful vacuum? I like there current little ones but I am hoping for a vacuum that can get closer to plug in power with the flex volt batteries.
  24. Marcv76

    New battery?

    The 3ah batteries are the upgraded cells, so they should have superior runtime over the regular 2ah and still be relatively compact.
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