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  1. Heated Milwaukee jacket rated temp??

    Wasn't that cold today, but tried it nonetheless, not too bad. On high it chomps through the 2 Amp pack in three hours just as the paperwork claims. On medium it should be good for four hours and on low a full eight hours. The temp on high wasn't bad, but would definitely improve if a coat was worn over the top, as previously suggested. I'll try that as the temps drop. I'll come back as I get more use and experience with it.
  2. Rapid or standard charger?

    Charging cells above 1C does shorten life. For example; a 2 Amp pack should ideally only be charged at a maximum of 2 Amps, that's 1C. Thrusting 4 Amps into it (that's 2C) is going to shorten its overall life. Same applies to all battery sizes. Make sense?
  3. Heated Milwaukee jacket rated temp??

    Wearing my hoodie right now, not masses of heat, but should be enough to keep the blood warm. I'll keep updating as the weather turns colder.
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    My heated hoodie arrived today, I hope it keeps the chill off.
  5. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    A 12" blade will add considerable load to the entire drivetrain, especially the electrical part, over a 9" blade. To be able to cope the speed will definitely need to be slower. The load (Amps) will jump a lot with that larger blade, but I'm sure the DeWalt engineers will work out what works. I'll stop talking now because I've never used one of these cutters which means I've little more to add.
  6. Heated Milwaukee jacket rated temp??

    Just ordered a heated hoodie, thoughts once I've tried it. Gone for this so that it can be used under a coat, this is following earlier advice. Cheers!
  7. Just watched it again, great fun. Now, are you sure about the DeWalt not having anti-kick? My 323 has it. I don't think any sds unit actually needs it, they all have slipper clutches. Kudos to Hilti, beautiful machines, but they should be at that price! Not used one yet, but one day I will. Shame you didn't use a Milwaukee 18 or 28 Volt, they're incredibly comfortable to use, definitely on a par with the mighty Bosch! Talking of the Bosch, I have that same sds plus and the matching combi drill, they are by far the best cordless drills I've ever owned, just so nice to use! Now I wanna go drill stuff! Just for giggles!
  8. I think it's bloody hilarious! But he'll never work for me!
  9. Great vid, guys, top job. However, one of you can't drill a straight hole! . The guy on the right was nearly always drilling at an angle!
  10. I'm supposed to be working! This is too tempting!
  11. No worries, not the sort of machine that desperately needs one, would've been a nice touch to have fitted one though. Just need to find something that needs breaking now.
  12. What tools did you buy today?

    Roll-on tonight! I take it you guys pay for the sleepers and clean up your mess when you're done? You'll have to shoot a "behind the scenes" vid soon!
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Four, not including the little Ryobi because it's garbage. Each has its own characteristics and qualities that it brings to the table.
  14. Trigger is definitely not variable, just an on-off. Bits clunk home with a very satisfying feel. Too late to try it out, but will do as soon as I get the opportunity. I've purchased an sds max to sds plus adaptor, should save me buying a load of bits for it. Whoever packed it was definitely a smoker! The case stinks of ciggies!
  15. It's arrived! I'll unbox later.
  16. Scherweet! This I look forward to!
  17. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    Short chucks annoy me, can't get your whole hand around them.
  18. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    I get that, but only on my Milwaukee M28 combi, the brakes are too violent.
  19. Well, it's ordered, now the wait!
  20. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    Takes a firm shove to get em in the charger too! Still love mi red kit though.
  21. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    I'm glad they're secure, but they could do with being tweaked by a micron so that they're easier to release.
  22. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    My Dewalt 323 flexvolt sds; this has a soft-start that you can't switch off. On the Bosch 36 Volt sds you have two settings, one for full power, the other for 70% with a slow ramp-up. The DeWalt always starts slowly which is annoying.