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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    Ryobi one+ hedge trimmer, for a budget brand it works just fine. For someone who hates gardening it works just fine. For a 2 Amp battery it lasts just fine. For 18 Volts it cuts just fine. Not bad, Ryobi, not too bad at all.
  2. More Than One?

    I buy drills because I like them, I like the tech that's built in to them, I like what they can do for me. An sds with chipper function will chase a masonry wall out in minutes, but when I was an apprentice we didn't have such luxury, it was all by hand. So I'm not prepared to give up that luxury be it through theft or breakdown, so I keep several different sds drills on hand. Same goes for combi drills, good to have spares. Besides, they all bring their own thing to the table, no two are ever alike. Then there's the Ryobi kit that I keep, they're basically loaners. If they get lost or stolen I'm not too bothered. The high end kit is for me and me alone. If I drop and damage one of them, it's on me.
  3. Now that's just willy-waving!
  4. I want Hilti in my arsenal, but until I win the lottery that ain't gonna happen.
  5. At roughly 6 joules for an sds max, I'd bloody hope so!
  6. Gas tank! That's class! Yeah, I love my Milwaukee kit, but I'll happily criticise the labeling.
  7. You do know that 18 and 20 are one and the same? There's no difference in voltage, it's just different marketing laws in different parts of the globe. In the UK, it's strictly 18 Volts, not 20 as that's only achieved at fully charged and drops within minutes of squeezing the trigger. If you're referring to old nimh technology, then yes, world's apart!
  8. I bloody hope not! Just bought my first brushed machines in years and they're reminding me just how good they are for low speed throttle control! The ones I've bought are Bosch, but I'm sure Hilti still produce a lot of brushed machines. Also, as you mentioned, brushed is far simpler in how they work, this makes them cheaper and less prone to failure.
  9. Given that sds max is normally used for breaking up large chunks of concrete, do these cordless versions have much real world use? Sorry for going off topic.
  10. I use this trick on a couple of my more powerful drills that don't have anti-kick, it does work to a degree, but sometimes the clutch just slips way too much.
  11. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    Lithium cells have very strict tolerances that must be adhered to. Don't go over voltage, don't go under. If you've managed to deep-discharge it, it is possible to "jump start" it, but it'll never be the same again. They have plenty of protection built-in to protect the cells, but you can't protect a duff cell. Duff cells happen, that's part of mass-production, especially with lithium cells. If it's borked, just let Dewalt swap it.
  12. Cordless Tool Trivia

  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Ordered another Bosch 36 Volt battery, only 2Ah, but they work out far cheaper than the larger capacity packs. Should be here in a couple of days. I'd love to get a hold of a 6.0, but they're approximately 250 quid Stirling!
  14. I was tidying up the van today and couldn't help myself. I grabbed the 996 and a pair of TCT hole saws and went to town drilling holes. Satisfying, that's the word. Anyone else care to share?
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    Found another way, but cheers all the same.
  16. I don't think I've ever heard of those, I'll have to search for vids of one in action.
  17. It looks like a kosh! What is it?
  18. My new Bosch 36 Volt combi, brushed and bloody good. Comfy to hold and use, plenty of power, surprisingly quiet, superb anti-kickback, well impressed so far. Will try the hammer action tomorrow. https://imgur.com/gallery/WP4vI Bosch 36 Volt combi. https://imgur.com/gallery/WP4vI
  19. Yesterday I used my old corded sds drill. I'd forgotten just how good a brushed drill is for throttle control, so smooth at low speeds. Yes, BL drills are powerful and efficient, but they'll never have the low speed control that brushed has. It's possible to make a BL drill with better low speed control, but it gets very pricey.
  20. What tools did you buy today?

    A beautiful Bosch 36 Volt combi! It's big, it's ballsy, it's a pleasure to hold! No pics cos photobucket are twats. This thing's a beast! I'm loving it!
  21. 60V max vs 54V XR

    I wasn't having a go, just pointing out how little electrical knowledge some people have. I guess it's understandable, plenty of subjects I'd have little knowledge of.
  22. 60V max vs 54V XR

    Very easy for you to say, but nearly all of the non-electrical tradies I know have no electrical knowledge AT ALL! It's worrying at times, considering the amount of 240 Volt power that's used on smaller sites.
  23. Bye bye dewalt :(

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I was done last year, popped the van open on my drive and cleaned me out. I doubt these innovations are going to help, the middle men will soon figure out how to remove it from the tool. However, if it's all part of one piece of electronics that's resin filled, then it may prove not worth their while. Tossers, utter tossers. (Trying to keep my language clean.)