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  1. For those interested, apparently the new range will be touching down in December, and it'll be a Bummings exclusive. Looks like I've my my self christmas gifts sorted
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone happens to know when the updated 10.8V range might be hitting our shores, I haven't had any luck in locating stock
  3. I'm very pleased with the Flexvolt chainsaw, put it through its paces on a recent camping trip. The chain did come off once, but as luck would have it it only came off after I finished a cut/stopped using it, after that the tension kept up.
  4. Do the eyelets look ok? Another tip I've come across is to soak the line in water overnight if you're having issues with breakage. Alternatively, you could replace the head. I'd convinced my mum to buy the Flexvolt trimmer for herself (dear old duck was talking about buying a 2-stroke, she's retired with arthritis and that's just a big old nope), today I finally received and swapped out the horrible DeWalt head/spool with a Speed-Feed 350, even casual observation showed it to be a far nicer head compared to the stock offering. Even nicer was that I didn't have to use any of the adapters provided, went straight on.
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