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  1. Gas need to portability to roll into a spot on the trailer or roll to a back yard
  2. Oh yeah all cordless, also going to be needing a good air compressor and generator
  3. My milwaukee power tool collection needs work, i am buying an impact soon for doing decks, and sawzall for demos,
  4. Haha miss you i will be around now more trying to be
  5. Getting there thanks man, gonna start a thread about building this rolling tool shed should be a good one, have a work bench, then shelving to hold tough boxes or something along those lines and racks and other things
  6. Thanks man good to hear and yes it has been
  7. Over weight load grossed 35k DOT would have had a field day The f250 and dual tandem gooseneck dump trailer i will never after having this buy a single wheel gooseneck Pavers, seating wall and fire pit Known for the cowboy hats lol
  8. Over weight load grossed 35k DOT would have had a field day
  9. 500 notifications it has been to long, I will mark the one year mark for my Landscape company in January, Rogers Landworks LLC and be 18 in January also, I am still a milwaukee fan and still use them for when i need a new power tool but have become quite the STIHL Collector, i have 2 full time guys working with me, 3 trucks, my f250, a 97 f550 dump bed i stole for 3k 7.3 power stroke, and a isuzu nor enclosed box truck, i will soon be going back to enclosed trailer for running mowers and one for my hardscape/ concrete, enclosed box truck is not the way to go, i do lawn maintenance , landscape design and install, pavers, certified by allan block in retaining walls fire pits knee walls out door kitchens, i have a huge gooseneck dump trailer i rent out and use for land clearing and material hauling, i will be financing a cat 287b track loader after I'm 18. and now have gotten into concrete patches/ asphalt patches crack repair and surface painting so i cover all of the outdoor surfaces. i hope to grow it into a multi million dollar company is the plan, but when i get my enclosed for my "tool shed" i want to make it modular so i can have all my concrete floats etc in one bin or my chisels and hammers and adhesives for hardscape, etc whats on the market I'm out of the tool world but i promise this won't be it I'm sticking around now i need to remember how to post pics
  10. Yeah most of those i belive have 4 ccylinder diesels
  11. i love the black and red combo, looks great on trucks.
  12. Thanks guys hopefully going to get it tomorrow, hes going to send a bunch more pictures this evening so i will post and see what you all think.
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