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  1. I'm betting we will see an m18 battery with 21700 cells. We are probably due for gen 3 m18 drills and impacts and it's rumored that there is a compressor and worm drive saw in the works too.
  2. I scored the new gen 2 m12 combo kit for $179 shipped and also picked up the boots for the gen 2 high torque impact and mid torque as well.
  3. MY favorite power tool would be a tie between the generation two Milwaukee high torque impact and the m12 soldering iron. My favorite hand tool would have to be the wera tool check plus.
  4. I ordered the new m18 rover floodlight today. Acme had a $20 off $100 sale.
  5. Here are a couple of my somewhat recent purchases. The new fuel ratchet is a massive improvement over the old one. I have no worries at all about breaking the head on this one under normal use. I also picked up the new Milwaukee generation two high torque impact and it is an absolute monster. When they say that it is a pneumatic replacement they are not kidding. I have done a few side by side tests and it is a tiny bit stronger than an Ingersoll Rand 2135timax at 175 psi.
  6. You can buy metabo online at acme tool. I'd imagine a local welding supply store would carry their grinders and other metalworking tools.
  7. This little gem showed up today. I also did some torque testing on it and it would not loosen a 3/4 inch bolt torqued to 600 ft lbs. I'll get a 7/8 bolt next week and try it again. It is still incredibly powerful though.
  8. I definitely will. I'll be doing extensive torque testing with it. We have a 3/4 drive torque wrench that can go up to 600 ft pounds. My grandpa is also ordering an independent front end setup for his 39 ford and I guarantee it will get used putting it together.
  9. Mine is pre ordered. I can't wait for it to get here. I know that there are a couple of projects it wil come in super handy for.
  10. I'll have our 3/4 drive torque wrench ready by then for torque testing.
  11. I just preordered the new Milwaukee mid torque impact from acme tool. It should ship on the 14 of February.
  12. I priced a gearwrench set through work and for a set similar to the Williams chrome set it is almost 500. I think I'd choke down the Shipping for the Williams set.
  13. Since it is AWD can it smoke all four tires at once? I doubt many people expect this car to be that fast.
  14. The shipping is a killer though. It's 55 to get it shipped to my place
  15. I think we have a gearwrench set on sale where I work. I'll check tomorrow and let you know what the price is.
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