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  1. Lowes sucks, I wanted to buy the DeWalt XR stubby recip saw which came with a free 6.0 battery last week. And wouldn't you know it they never had it in store. The guy said they have been sold out for months, plus I tried to buy it online and it wouldn't let me pick a shipping option for the battery. Lowes blows!!
  2. Hey guys hurricane Irma is going to hit us tomorrow and it is gonna be ugly. I live in Homestead FL and have been here all my life and have been threw tons of hurricanes. I survived Hurricane Andrew and Irma is going to be worse than Andrew and possibly throughout history. We lost everything in Andrew, house had to be gutted and had a partial roof collapse. Homestead suffered the worse and we still haven't recovered from it there is still many empty lots today. With Irma now history may repeat itself and I will be in the same house I was in with Andrew in Homestead. Prepared as much as I can b
  3. 8 months old that should be a penny buy it..lol
  4. It's to much money you can buy the sawzall and the battery on ebay for $180. You would get the charger for free buying this kit but I always consider chargers to be free when buying a kit. Plus when I think about it I thought I saw this kit on sale for $199 months ago, so they took $25 off so big deal. I saw two circular saws at the first HD too but didn't look how much they were. I think the box doesn't market very well and is confusing for most people. To me it looks like your only buying a battery and charger for $249 the small picture of the sawzall in the corner doesn't even catch my eye.
  5. Found two more!! When will this be 75% off, sticker born date of 5/16/17. I would buy when it goes to 75% off and paint it yellow!! Hope to have my first M18 tool soon!
  6. It may or may not be hiding under the shelf planks
  7. In a few months I will but this for a penny and have my very first Red M18 tool. Can't wait!!!
  8. Future ebay sales..lol That isn't rite they couldn't price match it, the manager was probably acting like he was the one losing money. I don't think I ever price matched anything from HD, but if you can't price match from HD to HD what's the point. I'm fed up with HD two weeks ago they had a online deal of the day, a 20v bandsaw kit for $150 was over $400. It was just a scam as it was sold out and everyone is saying the same and questioning if they even had one kit. Then last week pro's got 25% off select ceiling fans, I bought two and only got 25% off one. Luckily I looked at the receipt when
  9. Damn totally missed out today, that bandsaw was a smoking deal I really needed it to, would have bought three of them. Sucks I was at HD returning stuff early this morning too. I must have saw the email because it was in my trash folder, I guess I thought it was just the usual junk deals. Hopefully one of you guys bought it, I'm pissed at myself. I only found out about todays deal from a youtube video but it was sold out already and then I check my trash and it was there..lol http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3044592&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-
  10. Oh yea here's yesterday weather 106 when you count the 82% humidity
  11. Hey what's up Mike!! People would melt if there was no A/c here the humidity is crazy high here 82% yesterday and it hasn't rained in days. Its hard to say which way is more affordable there is a ton of variables to consider but it all depends on your contractor. You may not have to run duct work with a ductless but depending on how many units you need you would have to wire up each condenser which gets pricey. Lets say the way your house is built you can't do one condenser (outdoor unit) with multiple head units (indoor unit). So you would have to have three outdoor units plus wire each one,
  12. So I saw Dan's facebook video about a pair of wire strippers and a video from Klein on there YouTube page today. To say the least I'm confused because they are saying its a new product, when I bought two pairs at HD last August. That is when I took these pictures, I bought them because it had been listed as discontinued on HD website since well forever. I really wanted to try them so I would keep checking to see if HD took them off there site, or updated to a new model number. So a few months go by and I'm digging all the way in the back of shelve at HD and I see a familiar shape. Wouldn't you
  13. Getting warmer http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3037111&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-SBOTD-_-20170608_sbotd_3037111-_-sbotd_cta&et_rid=35413048
  14. So do I, this is perfect just what i was looking for sad no one ever. http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3036320&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-SBOTD-_-20170606_sbotd_3036320-_-sbotd_cta&et_rid=35413048
  15. Haha, did you get this one?? We really really need to buy this rite now, theres no time to waste!!! http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3036060&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-SBOTD-_-20170605_sbotd_3036060-_-sbotd_cta&et_rid=35413048
  16. Yea I watch alot of truck videos on the tube. My final setup will be a long time from now, theres some upgrades I want to do to the truck. But I'm just thinking of what to do right now and what to do later. I might put a floor to ceiling husky toolbox in the back against the wall right now. I measured it, looks like it might fit but its tight I want to make sure it fits because I would be mad If it didn't and I have to take it back.. lol
  17. I wish those email's had stuff that I would be willing to buy. Like more yellow
  18. Hopefully karma visit's them quickly
  19. Thanks man!! She still needs alot of money to set it up and some upgrades. We all need more money's lots of money's all the money's!!!
  20. So I know I always say I will try to be on here more often but its hard. But I'm swamped with work and a ton of other things. Prime example I got this truck delivered last Thursday at 9pm and have only driven it 2 miles, (yes two) since I got it. I don't have anytime to set it up and it bothers me, theres only so much time in a day. But anyway, it was frustrating trying to buy a truck locally nobody had anything work ready. I would have to buy the truck chassis and build the body which I was fine with because I want it custom. But the wait time for the body was crazy over 3 months to get a bod
  21. Thanks Jimbo!! I have mixed feelings about the kit, and got it just to get into the line and wanted another recip. A man can never have enough saws, it would be used mainly for metal cutting so that sounds like bad news. After using brushless tools with 4amp hour packs exclusively for the last year and a half everyday all day. It's hard to use a brushed tool the extra run time is amazing. When I see someone using a brushed tool or use someone else's I say it junk regardless of brand name. One example was when I helped my Uncle one day running 1000 feet of EMT. He had the small DeWalt brushed h
  22. What's up crew!! So I bought the Gen5x 5 piece combo kit yesterday from HD for $399. I thought it was always $399 but it was marked down from $499, so I bought it but don't know if I should keep it yet. My only experience with the kit was when I used my buddy's recip saw for 5 minutes last week and the spotlight. Which the spotlight is junk but most spotlight's are junk just so the manufacture can add a so called tool to there kits. So really its a 4 piece kit and I only use area lights so a spotlight is useless to me and the Ridgid spotlight is even more useless. The Ridgid spotlight is not U
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