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  1. its a failed product . was marketed as super strong bit . in reality was breaking badly . stupid graphs on the back of the package show this super bit better than wera or wiha bits - what a joke . same for shockwave bits , the show graphs of wear better then competitors - lie . reality is , milwaukee bits suck !
  2. i 3d printed mine .(its tpu)
  3. anyone know whats the power rating on the 1" impact wrench ?
  4. sorry my mistake , dewalt uses 15 cells in their batteries , not 10 .
  5. cut the BS . current milwaukee 9ah battery uses lg HG2 18650 cells which is rated 20A discharge . they use 3 rows of cells , so thats 60A max discharge for current 9ah battery . cant argue with facts . i dont know what cells they use in the new line . but i know dewalt flexvolt uses Sanyo NCR20700A (not in the new 12ah) .which rated at 30A continuous discharge dewalt uses 10 cell batteries for flexvolt (until the new one comes out) , which gives also 60A continuous discharge . those are cureent gen batteries . new milwaukees and dewalts for sure
  6. i have no time for online arguing . your house current rating has nothing to do with it . typical 15A corded tools (milwaukee claims they have same power as 15A corded) are 110V x 15 = 1650W to reach the same power with 18V battery you need 1650/18 = 91A so yes , to reach those power levels the batteries push near 100A , and even more for short periods . your car jumper cables typically rated at 200a , car starter around 140A . they are much heavier gauge due to the length of the wire .
  7. i think they're making a mistake . they wanted to keep same battery platform , but the problem is , nobody gonna stick that huge 12A battery on an impact driver or a drill .and the new tools wont deliver full power with the old m18 batteries . so what was the point keeping the new batteries interchangeable ? just to say its compatible ? in my opinion they'll have no problem to keep up , power is still measured in watts , not in volts .but those ridiculously huge batteries wont be used on smaller tools anyways , so why bother keeping them at 18v .
  8. milwaukee did not invent new batteries .the whole industry is moving towards 21000 and 21700 cells . soon 18650 will cost more then the new cells . even 18650 cells can output up to 60A peak currents .most of the time top of the line cells not used in tool batteries though . the only problem i see is the stock milwaukee battery terminals . i dont see them being reliable for 100+ amps constant power . lower voltage will always have more loses through wires and electronics , compared to higher voltage , lower current tools .
  9. current m18 tools have enough power for me . i prefer smaller and lighter over bulky portable tools . dewalt flexvolt battery is huge . its kind of stupid putting this battery on a drill or an impact . so you got to have both flexvolt and regular batteries . same for Milwaukee 9ah battery , i have one and never used it on any of my portable tools , maybe once or twice on a grinder . dont mind putting it on a static light , compressor or saw (if they will be available).
  10. sss

    M12 gen 2!

    Its just poor brushless motor and brake control. It happens on m18 drills also. Luckily it happens only when theres no load. Try to put some super heavy bit on the m18 drill, like a mixer. Spin that thing on speed 2 and release the trigger. The brake will be so loud you'd think the gearbox is a toast.
  11. i ended up getting non hammer version . the drill is slightly lighter vs hammer model. so far the chuck run-out is great so i'm happy .
  12. got the gen2 fuel today . ordered then non hammer set as i hoped the non hammer chuck will give more precision , and maybe also save some weight . the drill (2503-20) weights 1.056Kg (yes metric!) bare tool. 1.238Kg with the small 2Ah battery . i dont mind the weight , but the handle felt very strange at first . its fat at the bottom section , fatter then my m18 tools , even the big impact wrench which is very weird .i guess its due to their m12 battery design , which has unnecessary bulk built into it . after some use i got over it and dont care about it much .
  13. thats the problem . both cost the same , so you're not paying more for the hammer drill. i also have m18 fuel hammer drill and 2715-20 sds rotary hammer , so i dont need the hammer on the m12 . but if i'm paying the same price for more features then why not , unless the chuck is better on non hammer drill.
  14. hey guys , i'm new around here wanted to know if the new m12 gen 2 drill driver has a different chuck , compared to the hammer drill model . it seems both are listed for the same price (i checked the kit which includes the impact also) kit numbers are 2596-22 and 2598-22 . if the chuck is the same , why would anyone go for the drill/driver model ? i'm looking for something with better precision , but if they both have same chucks , then it probably wont matter . i have m18 kit and i dont like the hammer drill chuck . it has high runout on small drills and
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