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Rainbow man


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This is waaaaay off topic but what the hell, this is pub talk : )

Rollan Stewert came to notoriety in the professional sports world in the late 1970's. Beginning in 1977 Rollan began traveling the country attending virtually every major televised sporting event. The self proclaimed born again Christian wasn't a sports fan, his mission was to spread God's message to as many people as possible and Rollan was dedicated to his cause. From big time events like the NBA Finals, World Series, and the Super Bowl, to the World Cup and Indy 500 Rollan could be found in the crowd with a bushy rainbow wig and a piece of poster board upon which was written "John 3:16". Driving over 60,000 miles a year attending games with tickets provided by sympathetic Christians "Rockin Rollan" or "Rainbow Man" as he came to be known became such a distraction in the eyes of NBC that by 1979 they actually put out memos to their camera crews to avoid him at all cost even going as far as to threaten their jobs should they give him any air time. Despite their efforts Rollan was always a step ahead of the game. He carried a portable TV to the events to aid him in determining optimum location in which to stand. Whether it was behind the center of the goal post during NFL playoff games, the backboard at the NBA finals, or the 18th green at the U.S. Open, Rollan always seemed to get his shot. He ended up on victory lane at the Indy 500 and he traveled to Moscow for the 1980 Olympic Games and wound up behind the podium during a medal ceremony. He was even spotted at the wedding of Charles and Diana. By 1991 after more than a decade of his travels he became frustrated and decided to step up his game. In 1991, at the Masters, he blew an air horn as Jack Nicklaus lined up a putt, then detonated a stink bomb. He continued detonating stink bombs pretty much anywhere he disliked as a way of symbolizing that God thought it stunk. As you might expect, Rollan's personal life was a wreck. He had virtually no friends was married and divorced 4 times, and was living in his car. In September of 1992 he barricaded himself in a Los Angeles Hyatt, covered the windows with his trademark John 3:16 signs, took hostages, and made terroristic threats to shoot at planes taking off from nearby LAX. After an 8 hour armed standoff Rollan was overtaken by the SWAT team and charged with a laundry list of charges including kidnapping. Facing 3 life terms Rollan was offered a 12 year plea deal but rejected the offer. His reasoning was that under a plea agreement he would lose his ability to spread God's word during his trial. Rockin Rollan, the man who started the John 3:16 fad that continues to this day, is currently serving 3 life sentences in a California prison.

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