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BTD144 Problem


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I have a BTD144 about 10 years old.

It has started not working when trigger is activated, it just makes a clunks and does not rotate.

Try trigger again maybe 1 to 3 times and its works like it should.

Being brushless I am not familiar with trouble shooting.

Makita agent is shut for 2 weeks so cant get it seen to.

I am curious what you may think the problem is and can it be fixed.


To keep working I bought a DTD154z and 6amp battery which is very good to use.


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I remember my old BTD quite fondly. Welcome to the forum by the way.

Also, your trigger might be going south of the equator so it may need replacement...




This is a link to e replacements. I have used them for a few years now and they are great.

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Thanks for the replies.

I believe it to be the trigger assembly even more so now after viewing the YouTube link below.

I will order a new units and see how I go.



I should have said that I am in Australia and parts are not so available here.

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A mate took the driver to his mate who is a repair technician at a large hardware chain.

His tests revealed that the switch was ok, and it was the stator unit that was faulty.

The windings smelt a bit, but it was unclear if the epoxied electrics or the windings were the cause.

He had an old stock stator on hand which was fitted and the unit now works as good as new.

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