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Craftsman tool box


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  I bought this for $50.00 with the intention of cleaning it up and using it. It's 46" wide, 24" deep and 24" tall. I can't find a model number on it, can anyone give me an idea of the age or model number? I would like to find a drawer for the lower right that is missing

tool box.jpg

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I removed all the drawers and still no model numbers. With my luck it was on the missing drawer. I did find what looks like a QC mark on the bottom of a coupe drawers that has OK 1998. Assuming that 1998 is the ear it was built.It also uses Accuride drawer slides
Today 09:22 AM
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1998 seems about right, I was going to guess late-90s to early-00s. I have no idea who the OEM would be, anyone know how long Waterloo has been making Craftsman boxes?


It might not be a bad idea to go to a fab shop and see how much they'd charge to make you a drawer.

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MODEL NO. 706.653291
Have it in Primer. Using Rustoleum primer cut with Acetone 4:1 and I am going to use Rustoleum Implement paint cut 4:1 with Acetone and Enamel Hardener. Hope to get some Massey Ferguson Red on it Wednesday the 4th.
If anyone has any tips or tricks for painting let me know. I am using HVLP set at 22 lbs psi for air pressure. primer went on nice and covered well so I think I'll use the same settings for the red. I added a photobucket link ofit in primer, and i have a pdf file for the box from Waterloo if anyone is interested

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