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Hate giving up shop space !


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I try to keep tractor in the shop side of garage for snow duty, but the last few years we have not had that much snow. So I kept it my 15x24' shed where it stays the rest of the year and just bring it around when snow is in the forecast. I doubt it has spent a total of two weeks in the garage over the last two years.


Snow in the forecast but should not be over 4".


If I had it to do over again I think I would have built the shed closer to the driveway so its never in my shop ! Course if I had it to do over again and had more of that thing they call money I would have built a bigger garage :)



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That might be a little work :)


The bad part is that I have 1100 SF of tall attic above my garage and if I had half a brain when I designed the house I would have used attic trusses. Currently I  have nothing but unusable space up there.




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