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Rockwell Bladerunner


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I'm new to this forum but it sounds really interesting. I am buying my husband the Rockwell Bladerunner for Christmas. He is a car guy with mad skills and there just about isn't anything he can't build. However, he had a liver transplant back in August after a business trip to Japan. It was sudden with no clear reason why. Now he just isn't able to physically maneuver tools and parts, etc. due to the surgery. It will be about a year before he can do any heavy lifting but I want him to be able to "play" with some tools because he is pacing like a caged animal because he can't do the things he did before he got sick.

I'm concerned now because I have seen so many negative comments about this tool out on the internet. I realize that 3 times more people will talk bad about something than good about something but I don't want to buy something that my husband will hate. I have been familiar with Rockwell all my life and I must admit that I based a lot of my decision on that.

Does anyone have any experience with this tool? Good or bad, I'd be very appreciative of any comments.

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Never used one personally, but they look pretty nice. I haven't noticed any of the tool site reviewing them so I'm assuming you're looking at customer reviews which I don't usually put a whole lot of stock in. Rockwell typically puts out a decent product. They aren't top of the line, but they're not junk either. If you think it's something your husband will use I say go for it. $179 @ Tool King right now. I've always been happy with their service. :)

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