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M18 hole hawg power


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Hey everyone.  New to the forum. Looking for some I for on the m18 hole hawg.   I just picked one up the other day and I’m not sure how I feel about it so far.   I bought a knockoff 9.0 battery to go along with it and I’m beginning to think that was a mistake.  The battery had 1 bar out of the box.  Put it on the hawg and drilled about 6 holes with a 2 1/8 self feeding switch blade bit.  It drilled it through 2x pine no problem.  Next day I charged the battery all the way and drilled a few more holes.  The power was just the same with a full battery vs a battery with 1 bar.  Next thing I know the tool wouldn’t work any more.  Turns out the battery crapped out on me.  I’m returning it and getting a actual Milwaukee 6.0 high output battery.  Based on the power the tool had with the 9.0 im a little skeptical of its power.  All I want it to be able to drill 2 9/16 self feeding bits with it.  Im a plumber and will use it to rough houses.  I figured I was taking a risk buying the hole hawg over the super hawg but it’s so smaller and compact so I figured I’d give it a go.   So with the 6.0 and sharp bits do you think the drill can feed a 2 9/16 bit or am I going to have to bite the bullet and get the super hawg?  Also I’d like to hear some pros and cons if you own one as well. Thanks 

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