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I purchased for my father in law Model # DCD708C2 ATOMIC 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless drill. It came with your basic battery and charger setup. My father in law purchased the DEWALT 12-inch 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Chainsaw Model # DCCS620B tool only.  He would like more batteries and ones that will last longer than the ones that came with the drill.  My question is do all 20V Dewalt batteries work on ALL 20V tools (atomic, MaxXR etc.  I am looking at purchasing for him the Dewalt 20V MAX PREMIUM XR 6.0AH LITHIUM ION BATTERY PACK Model # DCB206-2.

I see Max batteries then Max XR etc so I am not sure if they will work with that one Atomic tool I purchased?


Second question is one of the box hardware stores has a set of the 20V Max Premium XR batteries for what I think is a very good price.  If these batteries fit on all 20V Dewalt tools is it okay to purchase the batteries now and give them as a Christmas gift or will the batteries not work as well if you do not charge them

thanks for the feed back on this topic

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All 20V max batteries work with all 20V max tools. Even the Flexvolt batteries work with all 20V max tools. So the 6AH batteries will work with the chainsaw.


You can certainly buy them now, keep them sealed, and give as a Christmas gift. They will be fine. You will need to charge them before use of course.

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To follow up.  I can get a really good deal on a twin pack of 6.0 ah batteries however they seem super heavy.

Mostly work around the house and cottage is the use for these tools.

Would the 4.0 ah battery be a suitable trade off of power versus weight?

any thoughts

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