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Knipex vs Channellock vs Gearwrench vs Mastercraft - Needle Nose


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17 hours ago, SomeGuysGarage said:

Overall though, channellock is probably the best all around pliers IMO but the other ones are interesting.


I think they all serve their purpose.  I have a few pairs of Snap-On pliers left over from my days as a mechanic.  Definitely nice, with some good gripping power.  The only Knipex tool I currently own is the pliers wrench, but they have an excellent reputation, as does NWS (I have the Irwin-branded linesman, side cutters, and pistol gripped versions).  Besides those I own some Matco, Mac, Craftsman (Western Forge), and numerous other brands.  Oh, and almost every style of Channellock made (I kind of went on a binge after Afghanistan).  


In terms of function, price, in-store availability, and toughness, Channellock has to be one of the best all-around brands.  They lack the quality of, say, Knipex or Snap-On, but I do have one mysterious pair of 440s that has a red dipped handle.  Oh wait, those are Blue Point pliers made by Channellock for Snap-On's budget brand.  If it's good enough for Snap-On it's good enough for me.  

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I absolutely hate all my experiences with Knipex collection except the mini bolt cutters. Ive sold almost all the other ones. I have, I think cobra pliers I kept because I hardly ever use that style plier and its very light. They are just so springy - the steel.


I think all the Chanellock pliers are a GREAT deal and value much like Wright tools. I wouldnt buy their screwdrivers or sockets and wrenches, just their pliers which are relabeled for Cornwell, Mac and Matco made in USA pliers.


I have the most Snap-On pliers which I never have an issue with. I didnt pay for any of them, I was reimbursed for them all over the years.

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