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I think my m12 4ah battery is counterfiet


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I purchased the battery on a website in France called the leboncoin, I noticed the logo is completely different, I looked on Amazon for 4aH Is located in the center of the sticker, but on mine its the left, The reason I was suspicious because after I got it home I could not drill into it cement at all, And I was refused to right to return it, I raised the claim on this website and they’re only giving me 48 hours to show proof the battery is not counterfeit..


Please advise





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On 6/13/2022 at 5:20 AM, Nukedaddy said:

Ok, first I must admit that some of my Milwaukee “look-alike” counterfeit batteries are in this mix. Here’s what I am seeing. Some of me small M12 batteries are giving me the red-green no-good flash when charged on my newer dual purpose genuine Milwaukee M12 and M18 charger. But if I put the same battery on one of my older M12 only chargers they charge normally. The voltage, checked with a Milwaukee M12 DVOM is 7.7 VDC. Why?

Also, I have a new counterfeit M12 that placed on the charger flashes the red-green blinker of death. New, right out of the box. They came as a pair. The other battery charged normal. The one that blinked r/g tested at 20.2 VDC.  Weird! 
Any suggestion or explanations? Do Milwaukee chargers have kill-pill programming that can detect Chinesium contaminated batteries?


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On 8/3/2022 at 4:25 PM, Eric - TIA said:

Good question.  In the states it looks much different where the 4.0 is much smaller and I think it's on the right side.  Something does look off with yours.

hi, is it supposed to have a manufactures seal on it?

the website I got this on in France claims I need to pay an expert for a evaluation to prove it over heats, it gets very hot, so bad that it appears as if there is smoke and then its hard to take the battery off, im worried it will melt into my m12 fuel hammer drill

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