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Finish Nailers Cordless DeWalt 16ga 18v. or Paslode Gas.


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I have the dewalt 18g xrp nailer. I like it but I wouldn't recommend it today. A few years ago yes but I'm sure dewalt will release some 20v ones soon. No point in buying a soon to be phased out line with a nicad battery.

How about a ryobi airstrike or ridgid cordless nailer? I would stay away from gas fuel powered, I think those will become obsolete in a few years, plus why pay for fuel when you can just recharge a battery

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I have used the airstrike and its pretty nice my friend got it its a really good deal if you can snag a ryobi drill kit on the cheap Home Depot sometimes has the Drill kits cheap they have a single battery kit on sale for 39 bucks you can't buy a a battery let alone a charger that cheap.http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-Volt-Lithium-Drill-Kit-P828/204321535 I would be nice if the did offer the airstike nailer as a kit or as a bare tool, but I think buying a cheap starter kit is till the most cost efficient option for most people. If you don't want the drill sell it on craigslist for 20-30 bucks its worth that all day long!

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