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Dewalt DC9180

Mike B.

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Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.... The Dewalt DC9180 Nano-Phosphate Lithium Ion batteries have never changed. However maketing has.


The first battery was the first "nano" Lion you saw on the market. I don't think the general public understood what "nano" meant. The second battery bears the Lithium Ion logo on it. The third and most current shows the Lithium ion in bright yellow, below the 18volt image is the XRP image. On the back it shows XRP lithium ion. As far as I know, the chemistry has not changed. Just the marketing.


All three of my batteries shown have the same A123 APR18650M1 cells in them.


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Yes it is.  Home Depot clearanced out all their 18 volt lithium products and only sells them online now.  Best bet would be Amazon or Ebay for best prices.  They had a store retail of about $149 for a single battery. 

As far as making them, not possible if you are planning on using your nicad shells.  The batteries have a different shape as well as some electronics inside of the lithium packs not in the nicads.

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Is it worth selling the original 18 volt tools and upgrading to the  new 20 volt line ? Mine ll all in great shape but the batteries are all shot. Is there a 20 volt max cut off tool  like the DC410? I would not even be considering the new lithium ion 20 volt max line if a carpenter friend of mien did not show up to help me build a new bar with his new Makita Lithium ion drill driver set up ! super light powerful ( and with a nice led light)

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Batteries are always expensive to replace. I know the older dewalt batteries( like the XR+ from 10 yrs back) didnt last long but the newer DC9096 do better and keep their charge.  I replaced most my nicads with 18 lithiums and then felt the need to replace all my tools so they had the smaller lithium base.    I still have some nicads since there are a few tools which do not accept the lithiums  without modifications.    When you put the lithium battery on a tool with the 18 nicad base it just looks a little odd.  GREAT batteries though, light and will last much longer then the nicads.  They do make a Dewalt 20v cordless cut-off tool / grinder model DCG412.    The 20 line is great, I had it.  but realized that I have so many more 18 volt tools and batteries it just didnt make sense to run both.  I only kept the DCF895 Brushless impact and the DCD780 compact drill because of their very compact size and sometimes you just need that little extra bit.  If you do not need a cordless nailer or vac i would go with the 20 volt set to be honest.    You could ebay off your 18 volt tools piece by piece with no batteries(you usually get more for individual pieces vs. selling the entire set together) and start fresh.

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