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wingless' Fluke 87V MAX True rms Multimeter

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Well it FINALLY happened. My decades old Fluke 89 IV broke again, this time in a way that I cannot repair. There were prior failures to the AA battery terminals that I was able to locate / modify "generic" battery terminals to restore functionality. Lately the plastic has been breaking, even w/ my gentle handling / storage.


The piece of resistance was the plastic central shaft connected to the main rotary knob sheared off flush w/ the case.


A Fluke 87V MAX was ordered and received as a replacement. This is an amazing / equivalent replacement, with slight differences to my prior meter.


It is GREAT to have a new / fully intact instrument, w/ plastic that isn't dying from age.


The prior meter included a paper Owner's Manual and paper Quick Start Guide. The new meter has a paper Quick Start Guide and a fat paper Safety Information manual w/ supplement, printed w/ useless information in every language known to man. The new meter requires usage of PDF Owner's Manual document files to fully understand the instrument.


The meter includes undocumented parts. One is a set of rubber push on / off caps that block the end of leads when the safety banana plugs are not pushed into the instrument. The other is a set of replacement safety banana plug contacts.


The meter includes a nice set of silicone insulation safety leads w/ removable insulated alligator clip ends. There is also an included thermocouple probe.


This is a high accuracy / high end full featured multimeter. Fluke does a great job and sets the standard. Hopefully this one will outlast me.


This new Fluke 87V MAX fits nicely into my Fluke C100 molded storage case, also already holding my related accessories.




















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I don't use those meters much but Fluke is one of the best.  I see so many people use them.  As with yours, it's amazing how old some of them are.  Nowadays, everything is disposable so it's nice to see some things last.

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