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Makita BTD144 vs Dewalt DC827


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Just picked up the new Makita BTD144 3-speed Brushless Impact Driver.



0-1300rpm/ 0-1300ipm

0-2000rpm/ 0-2800ipm

0-2600rpm/ 0-3400ipm

Brushless Motor

Provides 20% longer runtime

Maintenance free

More power 1420 in/lbs vs 1330 (btd141)

More Compact

Only 5 1/2 inches long (about 1/4" shorter than the btd141)

Weighs only 3.3 lbs

Battery Indicator

Shows a red battery symbol next to the speed selector when battery is getting low.

Also flashes the led light.

LED switch

Allows you to turn the led on or off

The Makita drove faster and has a much better feel than the Dewalt.

You can also see in the video that the Makitas led is much brighter/more focused on the work area.

I will be doing more tests later this weekend and will post up videos.

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Looks like Makita took a page out of Panasonic's book.

Thanks for that demo! I saw the Makita BTD144 posted on Makita's site not too long ago. Looks like a pretty impressive Impact driver. The Makita BTD141 and the Dewalt DC827 were almost neck to neck in my tests.

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Huh, i thought this one was the first one with more than one speed. I knew it wasnt the first brushless. Festool came out with the first brushless.

i like the idea of panasonics digital clutch being able to switch it on or off and setting the exact amount of fastening torque would be amazing. If makita came out with that i would be forced to buy it even if it cost $500 foe just the bare tool.....

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I hate to say this but it's like comparing Dewalt NiCd with Milwaukees 18v compact.

First of all, Dewalt uses a brushed motor, and their efficiency falls faster under load than brushless. Second, it's 2700 BPM and Makita is 3400, that's 20% difference in spec. You can also see that Makita has a tougher spring since it doesn't start hammering as soon as Dewalt does -  faster screw driving. I compared BTP140 vs DC827 on youtube and everyone started screaming "they are different tools", exact same scenario here. Let's wait for Dewalt brushless and then compare.

Is Makita a better buy? I'm inclined to say "yes" given the labour/time savings, but battery lifespan still discourages me.

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At work we have the BTD141, DC827, and R8823 on display. Of the three, the BTD141 feels best in my hand, and I shy away from the Ridgid because it's just not comfortable. I love almost everything about the makita. However, I refuse to buy the Makita just because of the spring. When I am climbing in racking and driving screws at odd angles in tight spaces, or trying to remove a stripped screw, I will actually take the Makita back to its home and grab the DeWalt, simply because it starts racheting sooner than the Makita making my life easier. More than once have I rounded off a phillips head just because I couldn't get that Makita at the perfect angle so it would start impacting. Never had that problem with the DW.

Thanks for the test, BTW!

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