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I REALLY need help selecting a drill for my husband!!!


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I have just spent HOURS and i mean HOURS online looking at DeWalt's site for a cordless drill replacement for my husband (Christmas gift)--I am relatively knowledgeable (at least i thought i was) about cordless drills, HOWEVER, since the last one i purchased for him (Craftsman 14.4V), the world has been introduced to XRP and XRP Li Ion--now i am confused beyond allowed language on this site!!--I figured a Li Ion would be the way to go but cannot find one of the packages with two batteries and chargers included in a 14.4V just an 18V AND it appears that 3/8" chuck is no longer existent and anything with power is 1/2"(so what happens to all the bits he now has for the 3/8" drill)--i do not want a plastic chuck housing (don't ask me why but it sounds cheap)--i have looked at the DCD960KL and DCD920KX and now have read some posts about the DCD9670KL (thanks for confusing me more!!LOL)--My man is a woodworker and has been happy with his Craftsman but the cost of replacement batteries is getting close to just replacing the drill alltogether (not to mention I get all his old tools--how sweet is that)--the drill he now has has been used for woodworking and when we built the shop and other outbuildings, etc--Someone, PLEASE give me some insite--I am exhausted and feel like i could recite everything it says about these drills and where to find the best price, I just need to know what d*** one to get--Thanks

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Ok so answer these questions.

1- What are the primary uses for this tool. Drilling, fastening ect..

2- How heavy are the applications that your husband does?

3- What are the most important things your looking for in a drill? Weight, runtime, battery chemistry, ect...

Answering some of these questions in detail will help us pick out the right drill for your husband.

Yes, all of your husbands current bits will work in a 1/2" chuck.

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