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DC012 Radio Cell Phone Noise when using Line In on Edge Network


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Just got the DC012 radio the other day and while it works fine listening to 3G Network Pandora on my Iphone4 it gets a buzz when on "Edge" networks (when working in remote job sites with sparse cell coverage). I plug the iphone into the line in and then to my Iphone and the buzz happens immediately. However when the cable is not connected it does not buzz. I was thinking I might try a Ground Loop Isolator on the headphone jack cable but don't know if that will fix the problem. I have also heard that Ferrite Cores from Radio Shack attached to the line in cable would do the trick.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I was using a TRRS connector that came standard with my I-Phone and had buzzing issues. Switched to a TRS connector and have had 0 problems. However, either connector worked just fine with my Zune HD.

I am actually looking into doing a bluetooth solution but will try the cable first. Cheaper. Anyway, if anyone is interested I am looking at buying a BluBridge mini-jack Rx by Miccus. It is a bluetooth receiver that plugs into line in. I can use the built in power plugs on the radio to keep it charged. Not sure how long my Iphone4 will last in bluetooth mode but I can always leave it plugged in when not changing music. I like the idea of having the phone close to me to change music.

Will post back on both solutions.

Off to radio shack...

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