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D55371 air compressor...dual voltage

Mr. Yellow

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So I was looking into some compressors and unfortunately DeWalt used to sell only 1 model here in the EU, the D55155


However, this seems discontinued and only a few places still sell this one.

Now I was looking at Dewalt.com and noticed they have this D55371 model that has dual voltage 120-240v.


Am I wrong or would it be possible to use this in the EU, just by replacing the powercord for one with a EU type plug?

I know this would void the warranty. Warranty would be an issue just for using an US tool in the EU.

I'm hoping DeWalt will eventually launch some compressors here and a coilnailer too.

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This ain't gonna work due to the hertz thing. So I got lucky and got myself one of the very few remaining (new) D55155 models still out here in NL. This is a great compressor and I really like the looks of it.

Don't like to carry this around all the time so I'm gonna add some wheels and a retractable handle, similar to the model above. Just waiting on parts. Also got me a decent auto-retractable hose reel. Just need to swap the blue hose for a yellow DeWalt one that I imported from the US. Call me crazy, but I just like to stick to my favourite brand where possible ;D

Will post some pics once done.

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