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Why you like/choose DeWalt brand?


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I dont like and buy exclusively any brand in almost anything..  I am more loyal to some brands than others, but being brand blind is a BIG mistake IMO.

That said, I buy mostly Dewalt Cordless tools because of years of use and experience with them and others has made me more confident that I can rely on them consistently when on site and when  doing personal/DIY projects...  Same with some bench tools.  For corded tools I have a mish-mash of brands of tools based on trying out others stuff when on jobsites when I can and also trying to "demo" them as much as I can in stores to see which ones have the right balance of power and ergonomics for me.

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my first drill was a dewalt tool and i am trying to be loyal to the brand... though i do use other brands...

but the yellow stands out and it means something to me... it means quality and i am happy with the brand... although i am very picky... for example, i would like a brighter LED light in the 12V max drill... it gets me a little bothered that the impact driver got 3 bright SMD LED lights while the drill driver only got one, not that bright, LED... not even SMD LED.

in all,  i love my dewalts, they get the job done.

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I think most of us can agree that besides hand tools...which now dewalt has..and there amazing buy the way..The drill is the most common used item. I think Dewayne drills rock. I also believe they have the hands down best miter saw. I will say that color scheme and cases help me a lot...No matter how shallow that may be.Cases actually really help me and the life of my tools. I like things to match. I could say that I once used a mikita skill saw and something about that thing was awesome..I j

have used a bunch that I didn't like. My dewalt is right at the top of the list. I also think for what seems like many many years now something about a Milwaukee recip saw just seems really smooth. Again my dewalt had a better case. Its also pretty awesome to. Dewalt is boss in cordless tools I  think. My new 20v recip saw is crazy. I think its stronger than my corded one sometimes... Which makes me want to comment. I use dewalt everything. Except untill recently. I wasted a lot of money for years and I'm aggravaited. They have new ones but not in stores. I did buy the new black skill saw blade from dewalt and its awesome. I spent years buying there blades only to find out they were pretty much harbor freight quality compared to Diablo...especially recip blades. Its no comparison at all. Plus Diablo are even cheaper..when dewalt brings the new black ones in. They owe me a huge credit from all the money I wasted.....Thanks for reading..can't wait for the expansions on both 12 and 20v..hurry up

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I have used bosch, makita and hitachi products and theynhave their pros and cons. Then I thought why not tryout the dewalt line as in Malaysia construction industry, Dewalt is like unknown. So i purchased a DCD710 primarily for plaster ceiling installation works. one thing for sure, my boys like to use it as it is light, good battery life and gets the job done. Furthermore the yellow standsout like a sore thumb.

I am now a proud owner of the DCD710 also. (bought one for my self on my birthday on April 10). And now looking forward to the reciprocal saw and snake camera next.

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